Tickets for Street Food Festival come with free Independent Liverpool card

A food and drink festival with Jonny Bongo, and an IL card – what’s not to love?

Independent Liverpool have created a winter Street Food Festival, that will take place later this week, their first ever festival in partnership with the Students’ Union.

Everybody who has ever lived in Liverpool knows about Independent Liverpool, the ever growing business that promotes independent venues and events across the city. They have grown to become a crucial part of Liverpool life, and now they are hosting another of their amazing food festivals. This time, and JMU student’s who buy tickets before 12pm tomorrow willbe given an Independent Liverpool card that lasts until March 2018. The event will be on Thursday 1st December, opening from four until eleven, in the aptly named, Great Baltic Warehouse. The warehouse is a massive venue that looks amazing when decorated.

Independent businesses are at the heart of this city, they are what keeps it interesting, cultural, and that make some amazing scran. Independent Liverpool have previously hosted a Carnival themed summer food and drink festival, which was really successful. The festival environment is a great way to enjoy trying all different kinds of food from new places, under the same roof. Some of the same stalls will be returning this time, once again filling the Warehouse with all kinds of amazing food.

The summer festival that took place at the Great Baltic Warehouse.

One of the rooms of the summer festival that also took place at the Great Baltic Warehouse.

Food at the festival will be provided from many vendors, including:

Free State Kitchen


Macro Chef


Ital Fresh

Meet Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs


Little Furnace

Macro Chef

Food and drinks start from as little as three pounds, much lower than what you would expect to pay in a restaurant. There will also be a mystical Winter Garden, and live music from DJ’s such as local legend Jonny Bongo.

Tickets, which can be bought here, are only £2.50 and ticket holders will be given a £2 drink voucher on arrival, in addition to an Independent Liverpool card. If you want access to a variety of foods and cocktails, all under one roof, don’t hesitate to get your tickets, and support local businesses.