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Meet the 17 year old with his own comedy club

His first show is in less than a month

Tickets for Street Food Festival come with free Independent Liverpool card

A food and drink festival with Jonny Bongo, and an IL card – what’s not to love?

There is going to be a student screening of Elf next week

Watch the greatest cinematic creation since Love Actually

Things you’ll only get if you studied in Copenhagen

The Mermaid statue isn’t all that great

How to nail a girls night out in Liverpool

Nazby’s is a must

John Moores could revoke Met Chief’s honorary fellowship over Hillsborough role

The union have called to have it removed

You voted Nabzys as the best takeaway in Liverpool

They do put cheese on your chips for free

VOTE: What is the best takeaway in Liverpool?

Everyone’s got an opinion

A John Moores student who joined ISIS has been killed in Syria

He was one of three JMU students who left for the Middle East in 2013

We asked a professional where we’re going wrong with our eyebrows

There’s no hiding them

Drama students strip off to promote body confidence

They wore nothing but pants and allowed audience members to write on their bodies

I survived Hillsborough. This is why the inquest decision is important

‘It always felt as though some blame was attached. That has now gone.’

The Scouse accent is the best in the world

It’s really fit

John Moores have dropped six places in the Complete Uni rankings

We still beat Liverpool Hope though

Meet Dajo, the autistic transgender student with 37,000 followers

She’s even published her own book

Everything you should stop saying to Scouse people

No, I will not say ‘chicken’ for you

Why does everyone at John Moores hate being at John Moores?

A survey confirmed it

I’m a Catholic, and I think the Catholic church is out of touch

My religion makes me feel like being gay is a problem

Nepotism means poorer students will never earn more and it needs to stop

Richer students earn more even if they went to the same uni and studied the same course

This second year’s mum moved to Dubai as soon as he started uni

He only flies Emirates

Is there logic behind the mass coverage of Brussels attacks in comparison to Lahore?

We need to stop judging people for expressing support

Vicky from Geordie Shore is hosting a guest lecture at the end of term

Here’s hoping she hits Levels after

Every annoying snapchat story that you will see this Easter

Please send me more pictures of your roast dinner

It’s not a girls’ night out until someone cries in the loos

‘Oh god Jane, you’re not crying again are you?’

Labelling anorexia as narcissism is dangerous for sufferers

Joan Bakewell caused outrage with her comments

Puppy rooms are coming to JMU this April

Eat your heart out Uni of

Two women have been charged for vile racist rant

They will appear before magistrates next month

The reaction to Kim K’s nudes shows sexism is still alive

Some people have even superimposed clothes on her

Woman arrested after racist rant at bouncer

She called him an ‘ISIS man’

Why are we romanticising mental illness?

It’s not desirable, and it needs to stop

LJMU student caught dealing cocaine

He’s been given a two year scentence

What is it with straight men trying to get with lesbians?

Men will back off if you have a boyfriend, but not if you’re a woman with a girlfriend

Where you live in Liverpool will define you

If you call it Smithtown you are embarrassing yourself

Tuition fees might be scrapped, but how do you feel about it?

Someone up top needs to make their mind up

I share a room with my girlfriend in our student house

It’s not as terrible as it sounds