Jack Cummings
Chief Reporter

Women coders are still being under-represented and overlooked

‘We’re only valued highly when our gender is hidden’

West Midlands men voted some of the most romantic in the UK

Love is in the air

Stirling moves up seven places in Guardian university rankings

Moving up in the world

Hull somehow drops 17 places in Guardian Uni Rankings

What do they know?

Queen Mary is the best uni in the country for Media and Film

We did it

John Moores somehow drops 26 places in Guardian uni rankings

What do they know?

UCL destroys King’s College London in Guardian uni rankings

We’re the best in the country for art

St Andrews is the best in the UK for Philosophy, Politics and Physics

Tell us something we don’t know

Loughborough is officially one of the top five universities in the UK

We’re the fourth best in the country

Eric is a one and a half year old French Bulldog who loves to skateboard

He taught himself to drop in and ride on ramps

All the places you need to eat at in Grantham

We get a lot of things wrong, but food isn’t one of them

Queen Mary BNOC of the Year: Nominate now

Who is QMUL’s Biggest Name on Campus?

Worcester is one of the friendliest places in the UK

We’re lovely

Aber BNOC of the Year: Nominate now

Who is Aberystwyth’s Biggest Name on Campus?

This is what Goldman Sachs thinks life in your twenties will be like

You should be married with a kid by 30

Why being a serial intern teaches you more about life than having a real job

My LinkedIn profile is longer than yours

My Modafinil horror story: ‘It had been cut with deadly chemical PMA’

‘My heart was racing all night. It felt like a comedown so I knew something was wrong.’

Nope, you can’t go abroad to dodge student loan repayments

The rumours are sadly unfounded

Why do men with dark hair get ginger beards?

It’s the worst

Happy Birthday to Sir David Attenborough, the greatest nature filmmaker of all time

He’s 90 today

What Eastern Europeans really think about British culture

We say ‘sorry’ a lot

Everything you’ll miss about Leeds once you graduate

It’s mostly the chaos

These are the highest paying companies in the UK this year

Career goals

There’s a petition for the Rhodes Must Fall leader to have his scholarship revoked

It already has more than 27,000 signatures

Remembering American Adventure, the closest we got to the USA in the Midlands

Horses, guns and rollercoasters. What more could you want?

Things you’ll know if you grew up in Lincolnshire

We’re more than just Steep Hill and Skegness

Imperial are officially the 4th best university in the country

Tell us something we don’t know

Leicester officially better than Liverpool and Cardiff in new uni rankings

Not bad

These are the best and worst universities in the country

The 2017 Complete Uni Guide rankings are out

I wrote my entire dissertation in 16 hours. That’s a record

And she got a 2:1

Understanding Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Every week 12 young people die from an undiagnosed heart condition

Interview: London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan

He loves Nando’s and is a fan of the The Weeknd

Is London’s nightlife turning into Berlin’s?

Mobile phone rules mean we’re getting more Berghain by the minute

This is how much sleep your profession gets

Experts recommend we get between seven and nine hours

These campaigners are photographing women who leave Ireland to get an abortion

‘We want to stop the culture of shame’

Kersal Massive: The greatest viral video of all time is 10

We tracked down one of the rappers

We tried the ‘giant’ avocado which is five times the size of a normal one

It’s a monster

Interview: London Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith

‘Far too many people in their twenties are being priced out’

Scientists now have images that show the impact of LSD on the brain

This is the first ever study to do so

A man ran through my house party covered in blood

This kind of thing doesn’t happen in Clapham very often

If you haven’t been on holiday to Skegness, you haven’t lived

For better or for worse

The Tab’s sleep survey

Are you getting enough?

Sir David Attenborough just confirmed he’s the coolest 89-year-old of all time

He just abseiled down a 50ft wall to open his new conservation centre

We asked a flight attendant about the worst things she’s seen

NEVER go to the toilet when there’s turbulence

Skream is riding around London DJing on the back of a rickshaw

His time is now

I was in Cafe de Paris when Jack Wilshere was thrown out

He was drinking Grey Goose

FIFA 12 is the best football game of all time

Despite all those glitches

What the private school/state school divide at Magic Circle Law firms looks like

Yes, a lot of them went to fee-paying schools

What it’s really like to go to the The Dragon School

‘Emma Watson and Jack Whitehall were there at the same time as me’

London is going to be as hot as Barcelona this weekend

Oi oi

What is the best FIFA game of all time?

FIFA 09? 2001? Road to World Cup 98?

People really do go ‘drunk shopping’ on Friday nights

And yeah, they’re buying underwear

A day with the super-recognisers – the police unit who put thousands of faces to names

Only two per cent of people have the special ability

Look at all the weird texts Avicii got when he gave fans his number

Wake me up when it’s all over

What it’s really like to live on the Falkland Islands

Everyone loved it when Prince William came

There’s a talk on overpricing and gentrification and it costs £20 a ticket

There’s a G&T included in the price

A law firm had a party that got very Wolf of Wall Street

They were pouring champagne EVERYWHERE

Boris Johnson is urging the LGBT community to vote to leave the EU

‘We need to take back control’

Super Hans from Peep Show is DJ-ing at festivals this summer

Men with ven

This guy was crowned the greatest Fifa player in the world last night

He only started playing five years ago

Women still earn 5.5 per cent less than men

Even when they have the same education and level of experience

I spoke to the woman behind the ‘Texts From My Abuser’ Twitter account

She received all the messages during a former relationship

In defence of Grantham, the ‘worst hometown’ in the country

Just don’t mention Thatcher

Over half of graduates have suffered from a mental illness

A third of those we polled had been affected by depression

What our state school experiences taught us

Academies will never be the same

How to work a room like you know everybody in it

Try to remember people’s names

Sharing your Netflix password is a true sign you’re in an adult relationship

Or at least a way to check if they’ve watched Making a Murderer without you

Someone just worked out the entire Harry Potter economy

Harry really was rich

Someone just worked out the entire Harry Potter economy

Harry really was rich

It all kicked off at Waitrose Chelsea over a wheel of Camembert

It’s not what you’d expect on the King’s Road

Prosecco doesn’t have as many calories as you think

Strawpedo that bottle babe

Mental health by profession: Results

66 per cent of those in the events industry have suffered

Meet the actor shaming sexist directors by sharing their worst casting calls

‘You must be enough of a visual aesthetic to be believably the prey of a stalker’

Why does nobody know where the East Midlands is?

Nope, I’m not from near Birmingham

Tinder accidentally deleted thousands of matches last night

And people were kicking off

There are a lot more people going to terrace parties than can fit on a rooftop

You’re going to be downstairs not upstairs

What does your job say about your personality?

It’s a lot more than you’d think

Gap years are not a ‘waste of time’

They don’t lack substance and they don’t hold you back

Someone created an Instagram account called ‘Hot Migrants’

‘Their countries might be falling apart but their sex appeal still goes strong’

Definitely stop drinking almond milk

It’s full of additives and sugar and has a huge carbon footprint

We asked an expert how to pretend you’re really into wine

You can’t get away with describing everything as ‘fruity’

Ovarian cancer: ‘I’d never had to deal with anything like that before in my life’

It is often diagnosed too late

The Premier League is capping the cost of away tickets at £30

A cold Tuesday in Stoke just got cheaper

My love affair with Stefan Janoski shoes

They might fall apart if you tried to skate in them, but they’re perfect

A wine hangover is worse than a beer one, officially

Red will hit you the hardest

MSN screen names were the height of teenage self-expression

<3 <3 <3

Four new Harry Potter stories are coming out this week

It features a US version of Hogwarts

Things you know if you had a police officer for a parent

You’re still too scared to break the law

Memphis Depay’s dog is the very best thing about him

Simba is the greatest footballer dog of all time

A masked group showed graphic animal abuse videos to people on the tube

One passenger described it as ‘horrific’

A graduate working for MP Sadiq Khan has been suspended after offensive tweets resurfaced

Some were sexist and homophobic

Moonpig appear to have messed up on Mother’s Day orders and people are not happy

A lot of cards haven’t arrived yet

Tinder is trialling a new feature for matchmaking mates

You can now share links to profiles with other users

This Order of the Phoenix spreadsheet shows how J. K. Rowling’s brain works

It’s the mind palace where she planned out book five

And now the health experts are saying drinking six coffees a day is good for you

One day it gives you cancer, the next day it cures it

Meet the 24-year-old who lives in a van parked down the road from the office

He showers at work

What it’s like to be a ‘fixer’ for the super rich

You might have to go undercover on a yacht

J. K. Rowling has promised there will be a further two Harry Potter films

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be a trilogy