Meet the 17 year old with his own comedy club

His first show is in less than a month

17 club comedy funny liverpool Samuel serrano young

We all remember being 17; considering taking a course in Beyonce at the local polytechnic because it seemed like such a good idea at the time; hoping that we would recover from our hangovers before our parents realised that we’d drank, having no idea what to do with our lives. However, that is not the path of this 17 year old. He has become one of the youngest people in the country with his own comedy club.

Samuel Serrano started the club after having taken an interest in stand up himself, he’s done many gigs for the Hot Water Comedy Club, and the 10th of March will be the debut performance of his own club. His gig will take place in the Time Out bar, in Greenbank sports center and it will feature five young comedians. Samuel said: “being a comedian is like the best party ever. Everyone has to listen to you and if somebody interrupts you during a story they are kicked out. I’m an attention seeker. Plus it’s just a bit of fun.” He hopes to someday have his club perform at places such as Wembley arena and Hammersmith Apollo.

Gig tickets, which can be bought on the door, are £1, and all proceeds will go to the Greenbank charity – which aims to help people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups across Merseyside through education, training, employment, sport and recreation services.