You voted Nabzys as the best takeaway in Liverpool

They do put cheese on your chips for free

best Food hangover cure hungover liverpool Nabzys Takeaway

As a long standing rite of passage, the best nights out always end with a take away. Never is there a greater need for food than when you’re 10 Jagerbombs down and you can barely remember your name.

But of course a simple salad would never suffice, you need the greasiest, cheesiest thing that you can find, enter Nabzys.

We asked you to vote for the best takeaway in Liverpool, and Nabzys won it by a landslide.

Nabzys, a mere five minute stumble from concert square, is the takeaway that you voted as the best in Liverpool, and who can blame you? It’s your home from home, the guys behind the counter know your order by heart, and you’ve made some friends for life whilst stood waiting for your cheesy chips.

The place is bursting with good vibes and, what is now officially the best takeaway food in Liverpool.

The biggest part of choosing your post night out scran is the price. We can’t go around paying top dollar for Dominoes every night, not when we’ve just had to pay a £5 entry fee to Levels. At Nabzys, you can get a 14 inch pizza for £5.49. The exact same pizza which is 13.5 inches in Dominoes costs £13.49, so there is a clear winner when it comes to price.

If there is one thing that hungover you wont hate you for, it’s buying Nabzys. If anything, takeaway food comes in extra handy the morning after. You’ve slept through your morning lecture, fallen out with your other half, lost your phone somewhere in the midst of town, but at least you have half a left over chicken burger to make you feel a bit more human. Thanks Nabzys, you’re a life saver, we love you.