JMU graduate exposed as top ISIS commander

He is the third John Moores student to join ISIS

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A recent John Moores graduate, who left for Syria less than 18 months ago, can now be revealed as a senior jihadi.

Raphael Hostey, 22, left for Syria in October 2013 and has found fame as a Big Name in Syria.

The JMU graduate, originally from Fallowfield in Manchester, is now a top ISIS commander after fleeing with fellow students Mohammed Javeed and Anil Khalil Raoufi.

It is thought Hostey, who left behind a wife and child, recruited other young Britons to join ISIS using Twitter and Tumblr.

Under the pseudonym Abu Quqa, Hostey encouraged a potential female fighter to “come as soon as possible” on Tumblr.

He also wrote on Twitter before his account was suspended: “We don’t need any spies in ISIS because the sisters here talk enough as it is.”

JMU splash

He is the third JMU student to flee to Syria

Hostey flew to Syria with Mechanical Engineering student Mohammed Javeed and Anil Khalil Raoufi.

Raoufi was killed while fighting in February last year, a day after his 20th birthday.

A student from John Moores, who preferred to stay anonymous told The Tab: “People need to be aware we have around 25,000 students, all from different parts of the world, who all have different backgrounds.

“There are bound to be some individuals who get involved in these sort of activities.

“I can’t imagine it tarnishing the University’s reputation, but it would be sad if people do label our University as an extremist generator.

“John Moores is an incredible university and I think the media should take into consideration the affects this might have on changing some individuals’ perceptions.”

Jamshed Javeed, Mohammed's brother

Jamshed Javeed, Mohammed’s brother

Another student said: “It’s horrific news to hear someone who is an active part of my uni has joined ISIS.

“It really makes you question your own safety and who to trust.”

The three men were helped to get to Syria by Mohammed’s older brother Jamshed Javeed.

Jamshed, 30, was arrested in December 2013 and was found guilty of having “intention to engage in acts of terrorism” in support of Islamic State.

Jamshed provided his younger brother Mohammed, Hostey and Raoufi with £1,400 worth of equipment, including clothing and passports.

It was thought Jamshed, who was a Chemistry teacher at Sharples High School in Bolton, was planning to take his students to Syria, but was stopped by his family in November after they hid his belongings.

Jamshed ignored pleas not to fight, risking the loss of contact from his family, including wife and child.

John Moores University declined to comment.