A list and ranking of Glasgow’s clubs, pubs and bars you’ll go to after Lockdown

In case you’re not sure of where to go

The end of Lockdown is in sight, meaning that the reopening of pubs and bars is going to be soon, and we are all very excited about it. Because it’s been so long since we all went out, students may not be sure of where to go next month, and so the Tab Glasgow has got you covered. We’ve ranked all of the places you should either go to or avoid after Lockdown.

Hillhead Bookclub

Hillhead Bookclub is a student favourite in the West-end, and for good reason. There’s always lots going on in the week with different events, the staff are always really nice, and they do great £3 mojitos. This is definitely worth a visit when Lockdown ends.

Vodka Wodka

A student favourite located in Ashton lane,  this bar has a great vibe and serves great cocktails. The drinks aren’t too pricey if you go on a weekday, and there is a nice outdoor seating area with space heaters if it gets a bit chilly later.

Credit – @vodwodkagla on Instagram

Old Schoolhouse

This is a great pub in the West end, and will be the one to go when Lockdown ends because it has outdoor seating. It’s got a chill atmosphere, and the drinks aren’t too expensive.

Credit – @officialoldschoolhouse_glasgow on Instagram

Oran Mor

This renovated old church has got lots going on. Theres a club downstairs, a main pub and a restaurant. The drinks are a little pricey, but its got a nice vibe for students and there are lots of seats, so on a busy evening this may be a safe bet.

The Locale

This is a relatively new bar, but it has quickly become a student favourite. It serves nice food and cocktails, and has a great outdoor area. This is definitely worth a visit when Lockdown ends.

Credit – @thelocaleglasgow on Instagram


Coopers may not be everyones favourite pub to go to, but its a big place with lot of seats, and drinks aren’t too expensive. They also have lots of TVs to watch the match on. A good choice if you are wanting more of a chill  evening with a couple of pints with your pals.

The Crafty Pig

This is a nice pub on Great Western road. There is limited outdoor seating, but it serves nice pub food and relatively cheap drinks, so would be worth a try.


All GU students will be excited to return to Hive after lockdown. We’ve all missed the pints of fun and sticky floors, and one day we will be able to go back to slapping the roof of beer bar. Beer Bar also has outdoor seating, so students will be able to return soon for a drink outside.

2nd year Biochemistry student Charlotte, speaking to the Glasgow Tab, said: “Beer Bar on HIVE nights is the best, obviously because you can slap the ceiling to all the classics pre-HIVE.”

Credit – Hive on Facebook


If you’re in a sports team, then you’re bound to have come to Sanctuary for a sports social. Sanctuary plays cheesy dance music, but the drinks are always cheap, and it’s a fun night out. The smoking area has also been transformed into an outdoor seating area, which is perfect for drinks in the summer.

Credit- Sanctuary on Facebook


Another club located in town, Bamboo has more than meets the eye. It’s got three different rooms playing different music; indie, the charts, and rap and R&B, so if you don’t like one you can just go somewhere else. It’s a pretty big club, and there are plenty of booths and sitting areas available for you and your friends to book, or there’s usually many free ones if you’re wanting to just sit down. A definite contender for a Wednesday night, if the GUSA crowd at Sanctuary isn’t your thing.

La Cheetah

Despite being so small, La Cheetah is a great club for students. They host regular DJ’s and weekly club nights, as well as free entry on Sunday nights. Definitely worth a visit if you enjoy techno music.

Helen, a 4th year Marine and Freshwater Biology student told The Glasgow Tab:“La Cheetah is my favourite because it’s free entry on Sunday nights and it’s right below Max’s which is the best bar in Glasgow (in my opinion). The tunes are great and are from local DJ’s too!”


Kokomo is found just next to Bamboo which is perfect if Bamboo gets to full capacity! It’s much like the same as Bamboo, however it only has two rooms. There are more booths and has more room. Drinks are really well priced and the tunes are your classic mix of club tunes.


Polo is one of the most popular gay bars in Glasgow. It has a variety of rooms, including a classy live music room. Despite the stairs, the club is well laid out and there are also some comfy couches to sit on! Drinks are reasonably priced, and the music really is just great. It’s not as central as other clubs so we suggest you split a taxi fare with friends after pre’s.

Buff Club

Buff club, located in town, is a fun club that holds different nights out and so there is always something fun to do. Tuesday night has £1 drink promos, and is known as Killer Kistch Tuesdays with Classic house and Disco. Wednesday night is literally ‘all u need’, with good tunes and £1 drinks. If you’re looking for classic hip hop and R&B, and £1 drink promos then Hip Hop Thursday is your go to! On a Friday there are £2 drinks and a good bit of soul, boogie, and disco! Old skool Saturdays are the go to, with £2 rum promos, with funk, soul and disco music!

Sam, a 4th year Geography student, told the Glasgow Tab: “it has a cool vibe, decent tunes each night cheap drink, then you can treat yourself to the holy land that is Sauchiehall Street Mcdonalds afterwards!”


Rumour, formally known as Light, is the club most Strathclyde students to go for their sports social. It has a similar vibe to Sanctuary, but is much bigger so theres more room to dance, and sells cheap drinks too.

The Garage

The Garage is a massive club with lots of different rooms playing different music; so there’s something for everyone. Its definitely not everyones cup of tea, but if you are wanting a funny night out with cheap drinks then definitely give this a shot at least once whilst you are in Glasgow.

Where are you most excited to go to after Lockdown? DM us @thetab_glasgow on Instagram and let us know!

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