How Glasgow Students can cure their Lockdown Boredom

Making whipped coffee is so last year

As we continue into another term of online university, things have gotten pretty boring for students in Glasgow. We can’t go out,  We can’t go to gyms, so we are basically all sitting at home doing nothing. The Glasgow Tab has put together a list of top remedies to get over the lockdown blues.

Going outside

This might be a pretty obvious choice as it is the only thing we can do at the moment, but going outside and getting some fresh air is a game changer. Whether you are going for a walk with your mates, or going for a run, getting outside can do wonders for your mental and physical health. And what else are you going to do?

A flat bake-off

Why not learn a new skill this Lockdown and start baking? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it might make a nice change from your standard pasta you eat every night. If you’re feeling competitive, you could challenge your flatmates to a bake off to see who is the most gifted in the kitchen. And as a bonus you’ll have loads of food in your flat.

Keep a journal

Life has been pretty mental recently so why not keep a journal so that one day you can look back on everything thats happened.  Keeping a journal will mean that you can look back on it in years to come and remind yourself that you’ve got through some pretty rank days but you’ve managed to pull yourself up and had some really good days too.

A local scavenger hunt

Get yourself a group chat going with your besties and do a local scavenger hunt by giving clues to certain personal group landmarks around Glasgow or your local town. This could be funny drunken moments, sporting moments, something sentimental, favourite bars/restaurants – it’s your scavenger hunt! Everyone will do this individually and the person who goes to all the places in the fastest time (by taking a selfie at each point) wins, and gets to make the next scavenger hunt. The main rule is that everyone has to start at the same point. If you’re living at home you could even do this with your family on your daily walk.

Have your own ‘BAFTA’ night

An excuse to dress up (or not) and watch the films and shows that you’ve all recommended to each other. Get the snacks in, get the alcohol in, get the cosy blankets and just have a really chill evening.

Scroll through Glasknow and Glashoe

No one can turn down the meaty love confessions, the marinating debate, support to those struggling… Everyone loves a good scroll and you can’t deny it.

Learn a new hobby

A lot of people took to baking during the first Lockdown, but there are lots of hobbies you could try during this Lockdown. You could learn to juggle, learn how to knit or how to be a pro mixologist and make great cocktails. It can literally be anything, but hobbies  are a great way to get your mind off uni work and you might just not think about COVID-19 for a little minute.

Create a bucket list

If COVID-19 has taught us ANYTHING it’s that life can be cut so painfully short! Why don’t you make a bucket list consisting of places you want to go? Maybe you’ve always contemplated sky diving? Or maybe you want to visit one of those proper nice huts in the Maldives? Whatever you’ve wanted to do, write it down! Make it as ambitious as you want and see how many you can tick off in a set time?

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