An Ode to HIVE

HIVE may be gone for now, but she will return bigger and better than ever

Tonight would have been the last HIVE of the term and instead we are all sitting at home revising. HIVE has been missed greatly this term, from the dancing to Tinie Tempah, getting soaked by falling Pints of Fun and bumping into people you’ve not seen since first year who you will “definitely meet for coffee sometime <3 !!”

Hopefully we will be able to return to HIVE eventually, but for now we are reminiscing on everything we miss most the beloved union.

The Bops

A frequent HIVE-goer can easily recite the entire Thursday Night playlist. We’re talking Whitney, S-Club 7, Tinie Tempah, Queen and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Yes, the HIVE bops were fairly predictable but for those of us who never know the lyrics to songs – myself included – by your third week you were rhyming off every verse perfectly.

Never since school discos has there been a playlist full of such crowd pleasers.

Credit – HIVE on Facebook

The Themed Nights

HIVE was a big fan of a theme. From Glitter HIVE to Headphone Disco to my personal favourite, TikTok HIVE, the Union never fails to mix up the vibe from week to week. Not everyone dresses up, but its all part of the fun.

Massive RIP to St. Paddy’s Day 2020.

The Networking

It’s no coincidence that HIVE is the networking hive of Glasgow Uni. All the main characters swarm to the neon letters on a Thursday night for their Pint of Fun fix. This is where you see the guy who lived in the flat below you in Murano, the girl who removed you from the group project for not contributing and of course, every Glasgow Uni tinder match you’ve had. Each time you meet one of these characters you perform the: “I’ve missed you so much!”, “We definitely need to catch up soon!” heart-breaking dialogue before both parting ways and continuing to boogie.

Credit – HIVE on Facebook

Life really isn’t the same when you lose touch with your first-year flatmates, lab partners, ex-boyfriend.

The Toilets

A HIVE night is not complete without a toilet pic. The bright green backdrop against the grey stone provides the best place in GUU for a photoshoot. As soon as a boring song comes on, the whole gang flocks to the Unisex toilets where you stay for the next 15-20 minutes capturing memories on phones. Meanwhile you tell everyone else in the toilets your life story and ask them the all-too-personal questions for someone you met only 30 seconds ago before asking them to join in on the selfie. These pics are gold dust to you whilst in HIVE but with your sober mind the next day, you realise some pics are better left out of Instagram.

The Pints of Fun

Now, those of you who went to Beer Bar when it reopened this year will probably have had a Pint of Fun experience more recently. However, a Pint of Fun hits different when you’re also wearing spillages of your mates pints and dancing the night away on the HIVE floor. Colour of choice is a controversial topic but we all know if you get green you’re a serial killer.

Top tip for newbies: down at least three fingers worth before you leave the bar queue to avoid early spillages x


There is no doubt that our Thursday nights have been dire since HIVE closed it’s doors earlier this year. Despite the all-too brief reopening of Beer Bar in August, the Glasgow University experience still has not been the same in 2020. Even lectures are shocked to see students attending Friday morning online lectures!

It goes without saying that the reopening night of HIVE will be spectacular and I cannot wait to see every one of you there when it comes!

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