Five ways to create the Glasgow Uni vibe during lockdown

What more could you want

We’re almost at the end of lockdown in Scotland, but there are still lots of things that students can’t do, and the Glasgow University experience currently consists of trips to the library and Tesco. So whilst we wait until everything opens properly, the Glasgow Tab has come up with five things students can do to pass time to make their university experience as fun as possible under the current circumstances.

Create Hive in your flat

One of the things GU students miss most about pre-covid life is going to Hive at the union every Thursday, and whilst it might be a while before we return to the home of pints of fun and sticky floors, why not create a makeshift Hive in your flat? You and your flatmates could get some disco lights, get dressed up, put a fun GUU playlist on, and make your own pints of fun; all you need is VK, lemonade and two shots of vodka. Whilst it may not be like the real thing, it will be pretty fun to drink with your mates and sing cheesy tunes.

Takeout Night

We all miss going out to eat. But there are tons of great places delivering in Glasgow that you can try. Whilst getting pizza from Paesanos is a GU student staple, why not order from somewhere new that will actually deliver straight to your door through Deliveroo and JustEat? Some of our favourites include Mozza (Pizza), Ramen Dayo (Ramen), Curry Pot (Indian).

Go to Kelvingrove park

Now that the weather is getting a nicer, what better way to procrastinate from work than spend the afternoon sitting in the sun with your mates in KG. You could even do a BBQ!

Join a Society

Because of Lockdown restrictions, joining a society might be some students only way of interacting with people, other than their flatmates. Whilst societies cannot run socials normally, there have been a lot of fun online events to take part in. You don’t just have to be into a GUSA sport to join, there are loads of different societies catering to different interests across Glasgow University.  This is your chance to share your interests with people virtually until we can once again meet up in person!

Tennis-social (pre-corona)

Main building photoshoots

Commemorate your time at university by capturing some pictures around campus. Get creative with poses in the cloisters and make sure everyone knows you attend the real-life version of Hogwarts! 

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