How Glasgow University students can cope with their mental health

Lockdown has been pretty tough on a lot of students

Many Glasgow University students report that they have found this lockdown particularly difficult. As the Glasgow Tab reported,  some student societies have growing concern over the University handling of staff and student welfare, which highlights a cause for more discussion. Not only that, as we pass the midway mark of second semester, assignment deadlines bring added pressure to students already struggling to maintain focus in online classes.

As another month of lockdown begins, The Glasgow tab spoke to students about they have been coping with their mental health through the pandemic so far.

Get Creative

Going from staring at a screen all day for zoom lectures to watching Netflix all evening is not exactly the recipe for health. In order to cut back on screen-time, some Glasgow Uni students have found unleashing their creativity a great way to boost their mental health throughout lockdown. Whether it’s painting, playing music or writing, they have found that a few hours a week to be creative can help ease lockdown anxiety and provide some much needed relief from studying:

Andrew told us: “Journaling has been really helpful for me and reading is a good focus.”

Lea said that: “Painting, drawing, really taking the time on something,”


Another way in which Glasgow Uni students have maintained positive mental health throughout lockdown is through exercise. Whilst the weather of lockdown one was certainly more encouraging for that 5k run, many students still value some form of exercise to clear their minds and soak up some endorphins.

Matthew said that: “Trying to go for a walk daily and get out the house so I’m not staring at the same four walls all day.”

John said that: “Long walks with my dog are great after a day of staring at my laptop,”

High five to anyone who actually ran the 5k challenge.


Many of us are missing the social aspect of Uni the most at the moment. Some students have found that keeping in touch with their pals is the most important ingredient to their positive wellbeing, whether that’s a trusty zoom quiz or ‘number one victory royale’ in Fortnite:

Ollie, speaking to the Glasgow Tab, said that: “Gaming with friends is what I do, let’s us keep in touch without seeing each other.”

Matthew also told the tab that he: “tries to play a few board games or watch films at least once a week with my flatmates.”


In lockdown one, the nation baked banana bread. Whilst the beloved bread may have been left behind in 2020, comfort food has still been a saving grace for many over the past few months. Some Glasgow Uni students have been baking and cooking in order to provide distraction from everyday stresses.

Tara from fourth year told The Glasgow Tab that: “Throughout every lockdown I’ve found baking/cooking really enjoyable. I’ve actually started a food insta recently which has given me something to do and take my mind off of the pandemic.”

Take Time Off

The pressure of second semester deadlines is sadly upon us. Many of us are all too aware of the struggles to stay motivated and focussed while in online classes. However, whilst it may be less possible for some than others, many students have found that taking at least one day a week off of Uni work is greatly beneficial to their mental health this lockdown.

John said that: “I try to keep Saturday’s entirely free of Uni work which definitely adds to that Friday feeling and makes motivated again for the start of a new week.”

Matthew said that: “Take a day off Uni work if I can afford it and when I need it.”

Clare said: “If I can, I don’t do any Uni work on my down days.”

Whilst this situation is not ideal for many, Glasgow Uni students show great determination to get through the remaining weeks of this semester. Hopefully these ideas will bring some slight relief to students struggling. However, there are some valuable resources available on the University of Glasgow website if you should need them.

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