Glasgow Uni societies call on final year students to sabotage NSS rankings

The National Student Survey is sent out to all final year students

A group of University of Glasgow societies are calling on all final year students to sabotage the university’s rankings in the National Student Survey (NSS).

The societies are concerned with the University of Glasgow’s approaches towards a number of issues, including student and staff welfare in relation to mental health, sexual violence and their investment record with fossil fuel industries and arm manufacturers.

The campaign has been set up to try and convince the university to engage with the issues the students have found, by targeting their international reputation in the NSS rankings.

Kate, a representative for the campaign, told The Glasgow Tab: “I think it is so important that students take these actions as the university has shown time and time again that they are more concerned with rankings and their reputation than they are with the wishes and welfare of their students and staff.

“These issues have all been raised numerous times in the past by many members of the university community. Unfortunately, little meaningful action has been actively taken by UofG management, and thus this is one of the most effective ways to get their attention, especially in a time where other forms of protest are not possible.”

Credit – University Green New Deal on Facebook

The campaign claims that students with mental health problems often face long waiting times for support, and claims that the University “refused” to divest from arms manufacturers, despite clear opposition from students and staff.

The societies behind the campaign state that: “It is disappointing that we are forced to articulate our objections with the University in what would otherwise be a chance for us to promote the place that we have spent the last few years learning in. However, the refusal of University management to cooperate meaningfully on areas affecting student safety, satisfaction and the morality of decisions made in our name leaves us with no choice.”

The NSS is sent out to all students in their final year, asking them to reflect upon their experiences at the university they attended. The responses they receive are then used to assess the areas where students are unsatisfied with their university, and to determine ratings for university rankings.

The student ran societies involved include BEAT, Glasgow Extinction Rebellion Glasgow, Glasgow University Amnesty International,  Glasgow University Arms Divestment Coalition, Glasgow University Food and Body Positivity, Glasgow University Green New Deal, Isabella Elder Feminist Society, University of Glasgow Greens and Successful Woman at Glasgow.

If you want more information on this, visit UofG green new deal on Facebook , SWAG Glasgow on Instagram and GUFAB on Instagram.

The University of Glasgow Press office has been contacted for comment.