What your favourite GUU room says about you

If your favourite room is Billiards I’ve got bad news for you

It’s been almost a year since the last GUU Thursday, and we all miss it deeply. Every Glasgow student has been at one point, and some students go religiously every week. Most of us have a favourite room in GUU, whether its Beer Bar or Hive itself, so read on and find out about what your favourite room says about you.

The Well

You think you’re too cool to be seen in Hive, and spent most of your time in here, dancing to the techno tunes. Your ideal night out is in Sub Club, and your only dance move is bopping your head and up and down. You dress pretty casual for a night out; probably baggy jeans and pair of dirty trainers. Your go to drink is Tenants, because you wouldn’t be seen paying £5.50 for a pints of fun, and you’re probably the first to ask for an afters at the end of the night.

Credit – Hive on Facebook

Base Bar

If this is your favourite room, then you probably go to the Union for a chill night to sit back with a pint of fun and chat to your mates. You’re not really into the clubbing scene, but will be found bellowing Mamma Mia during karaoke. You’re a responsible drinker, and you will be seen at your 9am lecture on Friday morning.

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You are the epitome of a Glasgow University student. You used to go to Hive every  Thursday, and spend all your money on pints of fun and shots for your mates. You love the cheesy tunes, and probably rotate from Hive to the toilets the whole night to talk to your mates and take mirror selfies. You might be seen spotted dancing in your GUSA merch, and go to lectures religiously, although you may be spotted in the creche at the end of the night because you drank way too much.

Credit – Hive on Facebook

Beer Bar

You’re here for a good time, not a long time. You enjoy knocking back pints of fun whilst slapping the roof of Beer Bar and signing along to ‘Come on Eileen’. You might consider yourself a BNOC, and always see someone you know in the Union. You’re probably a 3rd/4th year, and consider yourself too old to be seen in Hive, but are probably quite a chilled person. You also know ALL the tips for a night out in GU and that one of the guns on the safari game doesn’t work.

Credit – Hive on Facebook


You’re 100 per cent the reason that people call GU students posh. You won’t be seen dancing in Hive, the music and vibe is not your scene, but instead opt for a much chiller night playing pool and drinking upstairs. You probably don’t drink too much, as you are the sensible friend, who probably makes your your drunk flatmates get home safely at the end of the night.

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