8 ways Glasgow students can spend Galentines in Lockdown

This one is for the girls

If you’re single, you probably dread the run up to Valentine’s day and the day itself. You don’t want to see all of the happy couples spreading their love around on social media. But instead of spending the day miserable, why not participate in Galentines day?

You may not always have a partner, but you’ll always have your best friends, so why not spend this Sunday with them? Because of Lockdown, we are unable to go out but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun and celebrate the day in style.

So for all the single ladies out there, why not scroll through this list of eight fun and creative ways to spend this Sunday (with your household of course).

Have a bottomless brunch

This is the perfect excuse for day drinking. Cook up the breakfast of your choice, it doesn’t need to be fancy, and get a couple of bottles of Prosecco in and sit and have a fun day with your flatmates.

Make you own avocado toast but add prosecco

Get dressed up

Takeaway and Movie night

You may be bored of watching films and ordering in by now, but you may as well enjoy it with your mates and have a good laugh. So decide on a film, and then treat yourself and order some food in. There are still lots of great places open and delivering during Lockdown, so there is something for everyone.

Coffee and a walk

This may sound like a boring choice, especially because we have been going on daily walks for almost a year now. But Glasgow is looking so pretty at the moment, and there are loads of great cafes open serving coffee. So why not wrap up warm, get a drink and walk around Kelvingrove park with your mates. You can even get some Insta pics.

Take in lovely views like this

Zoom Pub Quiz

Yeah, we might all be a bit bored of zoom quizzes by now, but with a lot of students still staying at home there is not a lot of other options to see your mates. But there are ways to make quizzes more interesting. Potential rounds you could try are; ‘guess whose ex said this’, Tinder Roulette – be creative!

Cocktail Competition

Sometimes all you need is a cocktail night with the girls. But because all bars are closed right now why not try to make them yourself? There are lots of recipes online, so why not get in some ingredients and give it a go. And if you want to make it more interesting you could turn it in to a competition. Every girl (in your household) can take turn in making their speciality drink for everyone and you can all rate it our of 10. Delicious, competitive and a perfect way to get drunk in the comfort of your own home.

Pro tip – Missing the Hive days with your mates? Then why not buy a crate of VKs, get some vodka and lemonade in and make your own Pints of Fun?

Here’s one I made earlier

Host a come dine with me

You don’t need to have a boyfriend to have a candlelit dinner. Talk to your flatmates/family, and assign each person a course; starter, main, dessert and drinks. You could even pick a theme to make it more interesting. Then you can all sit together and eat it and reminisce over all the boys that have done you wrong.

How can you top Mamma mia themed come dine with me?

Have an at home spa day

If you don’t feel like drinking all day then why not have a pampering day with your mates. You could put face masks on, paint your nails, give each other haircuts – come out of this Lockdown a new woman.

Get Crafty

Feeling bored of watching netflix everyday? Then why don’t you and the girls get together, get a bottle of wine, and do some crafts. You could all paint, or make jewellery, all whilst drinking.

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