How much money Glasgow University raised for Movember this year

It’s more than just growing a moustache

This month a lot of Glasgow University sports teams and societies have been attempting to raise money for Movember, and an impressive £48,709 has been officially raised so far.

We’ve compiled a breakdown of some of the teams that have raised a lot for Movember this year, but all of the teams that have contributed are available to see on the Glasgow University Movember page.

Glasgow University Squash Club – £10,600

Credit – @gusquash on Instagram

Glasgow University Medics – £8,735

Credit – @medchirrfc on Instagram

The Tash Dash  – £5,135

Credit – @thetashdash on Instagram

Mens Rugby – £5,622.69

Credit – @gusamensrugby on Instagram

Far Flung – £2,363.21

Credit – @farflungultimate on Instagram

Glasgow Uni SRC – £3,187

Credit – @glasgowunisrc on Instagram

Glasgow Uni Tennis – £1,377

Credit – @gu_tennis on Instagram

Speaking to The Glasgow Tab, a representative for the official University of Glasgow Movember page said: “We encouraged clubs and societies to join the University of Glasgow challenge through this platform, which was very successful, and that really got the ball rolling for other societies to join up. We ended up with 43 teams within the University of Glasgow challenge, which was fantastic to see.

“Last year we made £21,266 as a university, so we’ve more than doubled it this year. An amazing effort from everyone involved, whether they were raising money or donating. Especially under the current coronavirus circumstances!

“Considering the repercussions of lockdowns and restrictions, I felt that this year, perhaps more than ever, getting involved with the work Movember does for mental health was so important. Worldwide, the leading cause of death for young men aged 15-29 is suicide. By 2030, Movember aims to reduce male suicide rates by 25 per cent. By encouraging men to talk to their friends and loved ones, we hope to show them that if they’re struggling they don’t have to face it alone.

“I also want to make it clear how important it is for young men to regularly check themselves for signs of testicular cancer. Cancers are much easier to treat when they’re still in their earliest stages, so taking the time once a month to have a feel for any irregularities when you’re in the shower could make all the difference.”
Well done to all of the teams who have raised money this year, and donations still count up until 8th December at 10pm, so you can still donate until then!
For more detailed information on the work Movember does for Mental Health, Testicular Cancer, and Prostate Cancer please check out