Six games to play with your Glasgow Uni pals during lockdown

Don’t let a screen get in your way


Normally during the Easter holidays, we would be going out with our pals and drinking, but unfortunately, we can’t do this because of you know what! And we have three more weeks of this. Hooray.

But don’t let self-isolation get in your way, because you can use apps like Houseparty and Zoom to regularly talk to your mates, and if you want to do do something more than just talk to them; the following is a list of games we recommend to have a bit of fun (drinking encouraged but not necessary).

Pub Quiz 

Who doesn’t love a pub quiz? And there are PLENTY of ways to do this online. You pick a quizmaster, and then they can they try to get a few rounds together, and there are tons of pub quiz questions online to use. Then you can all join Houseparty or zoom;  there is a good feature on Zoom (and easy to use) that allows you to upload a PowerPoint screen that everyone can see. This is really easy to do, and there is no limit on how many can join – so 10/10 would recommend doing one of these. AND MAKE IT INTERESTING.


This is easy because there is a feature on Zoom that allows you to write on a virtual whiteboard for everyone to see. So, players can take turns in drawing something whilst others have to guess what it is.


 This is a classic party game, and requires no supplies! The easiest way to do is to all join a Zoom call, then divide up into partners, and try to act out an idea you have in your head for your partner to try and guess. So it is basically the same as the normal game, but via a screen.

Virtual Beer Pong

Yes, this sounds like it would not work via a screen, but hear us out. You arrange the cups as you normally would for beer pong, but you place them in front of the screen so the person you are playing against can see. And then you distance yourself and try to throw ping pong balls into the cups, and if you miss you have to drink and if you get the balls in, your opponent has to drink. Virtual beer pong is the way forward!


You can download online bingo template easily and then one of your pals can read out the numbers and you can all play it together! Alternatively, Bongos Bingo does a virtual stream every week where you can join them live and try to win money. The Independent also suggested an idea where you can mix together Netflix Party; which allows users to watch tv programs and films in sync with their friends, and then you can choose a film together and mark out the most common phrases form that film, and every time it is said you must mark it down (or drink!)


One day we’ll be able to go out with our pals and belt out our favourite songs. But for now there is a way to set up a karaoke night in your own home; you can get together Houseparty/ Zoom, and there is an app called Watch2gether that allows you to watch videos at the same time as your pals and you can all sing together; you just create a room and share the link.

So have a go at a couple of these games and, hopefully, lockdown is less boring for you! We have 3 more weeks of this, so better get yourself some entertainment that isn’t TikTok.