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Here’s what it’s like working as a shot girl in Glasgow

‘We walk around selling a tray of shots or bombs for double what they’d cost at the bar’

Every student has been approached by them, the smiling assassin who is ready to turbo charge your night with some shots without even having to move away from the dance-floor. Shot girls are a staple of many cities nights out across the country with many students working as them.

The Glasgow Tab wanted to know what life is really like for shot girls, how it works and if the money is really worth it. We caught up with two Glasgow University students, Charlotte and Kirsty, to get the gossip about life as a student shot girl.

How does your job work?

Charlotte: I work for an agency that hires girls to sell shots in clubs and bars (the agency’s clients), we use the venue’s drinks so basically we’re like an extension of the bar.

Kirsty: I have been a shot girl for a year now and for those who don't know, a shot girl is the club employee who walks around selling a tray of shots or bombs for double what they’d cost at the bar.

How do you get treated?

Charlotte: Wherever I work the staff are always so friendly and treat you like one of their own.

Customers tend not to treat you as well. I get told to fuck off at least twice a night, and once I did have someone try slap me, but physical stuff is really rare as the bouncers are so protective over you. Saying that, you always get customers [who] give you a nice £5 tip.

Kirsty: Yeah, most clubbers are upbeat and not too frosty. About 80 per cent of customers I have encountered are very chatty and enthusiastic.

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 What type of people are shot girls?

Charlotte: I don’t think there’s a particular type of person, just girls that are quite outgoing and not embarrassed or afraid to go up and talk to random people.

Kirsty: The majority of us are all students studying at uni or college who want some extra dollar.

How good is the pay? Is it worth it?

Charlotte: We don’t get an hourly wage as its all commission based, so it really varies on where you’re working, what night it is and if you’re lucky. I would say the flexibility of the job makes it so worth it. We only have to work two Saturdays a month, and as a (fairly) busy uni student it works well for me.

Kirsty: The most I have ever earned was £190 on a Saturday night, so the hard work does pay off!

What’s your favourite shot?

Charlotte: Can’t go wrong with a good old Jaegerbomb. Theres an unspoken rule that if you’re a shot girl and not working, and you see a shot girl you have to buy a shot.

Where is your favourite bar to work?

Kirsty: My favourite nightclub/bar in Glasgow to work in has to be Missoula or Kushion. Both venues are excellent for selling shots and the crowds love a good jagerbomb.

Have you met anyone famous?

Charlotte: On my second shift I met Tinie Tempah in Cav/Atik! He gave us all some chocolate but that's it. I know a couple of girls who met Jamie Laing.

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Made in Glasgow

Any hints or tips to people who are currently shot girls, about how to make some more money?

Charlotte: Put in for shifts!!! The more you put in, the more you’ll get.

Kirsty: Every shift is different and and you need to just be patient. One of my tips is to go to people queuing around at the bar and offer them a shot whilst they wait. 70 per cent of the time it works as people are desperate for alcohol and cannot be bothered waiting.

Any bad chat up lines?

Kirsty: The most common one that never gets old is "I’ll have a shot of you! ;)" Then they are disappointed when I don’t find it funny. I wonder why? Sorry pal, heard it before.

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Any general advice about how to treat shot girls?

Charlotte: Be nice to us! We’re human too. If you don’t want a shot just say no nicely. If you’re rude to us and a bouncer sees you’ll be kicked out.

Girls with boyfriends, we’re not trying to get with him, we’re just trying to get him to buy shots so calm down. And please don’t touch us. Just cause we’re walking around with drinks, that doesn’t give you the right to wrap your arm around us or kiss us.