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Glasgow University Give Blood Society is holding its annual ‘Blood Battle’

You can get free biscuits if you join!

Back by popular demand is the Glasgow University Give Blood Society's annual Blood Battle, a competition to see which student club can save the most lives.

Teaming up with GUSA and the SRC, the Give Blood Society are challenging all sports teams and societies to donate as many pints of blood as possible between now and the 23rd March to win the coveted GUGB trophy.

Rachel Porter, the GUGB president, says: "For the past three years the society has been encouraging Glasgow students to get involved in donating blood.

"It’s so rewarding working with all of our members to raise awareness of the importance and ease of donating at Nelson Mandela place and during the university blood drive."

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Pretty please x

She continued: "Unfortunately, the number of young people donating in this country is disproportionally low. With the reward of saving lives and eating free biscuits, however, we see opportunity for loads more involvement.

"There are now new regulations on piercings and tattoos which shorten the exclusion time from donation. More and more people can now donate and its great being part of a group that spreads the word about this."

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Muay Thai were last year's winners with an impressive 16 donations

The Blood Battle is the ultimate opportunity for societies and clubs at Glasgow Uni to show their competitive side, save lives and eat biscuits.

Last year's challenge saw more than 70 donations, the equivalent of saving over 200 lives.

With the incorporation of SRC clubs this year, GUGB are hopeful in topping that total.