Glasgow Uni’s best dressed: GUSA Ball edition

Fancy schmancy

Don’t say we’re not good to you – here’s another best dressed in the space of a week.

The annual GUSA Ball is a highlight of Glasgow Uni’s social calendar for all budding student athletes. Named in honour of its sponsor this year, true Student, this year’s sports ball can only be described as bigger and better in every way possible, bringing together the fittest of the fit and embodying that black ‘n’ gold spirit.

So, if (like me) your memory from this year’s GUSA Ball is somewhat misty and you awoke on Sunday morning to an array of illegible texts sent from your phone during the early hours and stories of people forcing you out of a washing machine, here’s the lowdown on the crème de la crème of fashion choices from the night.

Kerr and Ellen, second year, Business and Management 

Smart duo

Catriona, third year, Mechanical Engineering

Skirt goals

Anna, third year, Product Design Engineering

Green goddess

Lizzie, fourth year, Dentistry

Dat split

Kate, second year, Maths and Iona, second year, French and Spanish

Beaut friends

Ali, third year, Earth Science and Kyle, fourth year, Civil Engineering

Smart boys

Theo, third year, Aerospace Engineering


Angus, third year, Business and Management

The jacket makes it

Charlie, third year, Engineering

Pulling the kilt off

Jennifer, third year, Italian

Rocking the simple black dress

Eilidh, second year, History

That shade of blue is to die for

Katy, second year, Accounting and Finance

Look at that detail

Claire, first year, Physiology, Sports Science & Nutrition

Nailed the classic look