Tributes paid to Cali PhD student killed in Iraq

Friends had begged him to stay in Scotland and stay safe

A Glasgow Caledonian PhD student was gunned down in Baghdad on Friday along with his father and seven bodyguards.

Tributes have been flooding in for Mohammed Al Janabi since the news broke.

Friends hope the 29-year-old’s PhD will be awarded posthumously, as the award ceremony is not due to be held until June.

They further said that it would help honour a man, who never showed any prejudice to others, despite coming from a war-torn country.

They have called him a ”true inspiration”, and held a memorial service for him in Glasgow on Sunday.

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According to STV News the Law graduate was kidnapped with his father who was a prominent Sunni tribal leader. He was also a key member in efforts to fight sectarianism.

The father and son, along with their seven bodyguards, were ambushed, tied up and shot dead.

Mohammed had previously refused his friends pleas to stay in Scotland, where it was safer, and insisted that he could made a difference in Iraq.

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Glasgow Caledonian University have offered support at this difficult time.