Clubbers of the Week

This week involves a banana

Glasgow, you’ve done it again.

Deadlines are approaching and we’re almost half way through the semester, but that doesn’t stop you visiting your local watering holes.

You never fail to impress.

Stunners of the week:

So pretty it hurts…

If you look hard enough you can see into her soul

Runners up:

Beautiful people always stick together

Beautiful people always stick together

 Photobombers of the week:

They found love on the Viper dancefloor

They found love on the Viper dance floor… and he was watching.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

Joint award: photobomber and most possessive clubber of the week.

Don’t touch his girls. The lad in the back tried already and has not been seen since…

If looks could kill...

If looks could kill…

Most uncomfortable clubber of the week:

Fruit of the week:

Is that a banana?

Is that a banana???

Yes. Yes, it is.

Yes, yes, it is

Best of the Rest:

There’s so much going on in this photo, we don’t know where to start…

Lucky lad

Lucky lad

So much plaid it hurts.

Very 'Brokeback Mountain'

Very ‘Brokeback Mountain’