Kirsty Savage

UWS second year reported missing

Katie Leishman was last seen on Tuesday afternoon

Glasgow is the 30th best uni in UK

We’re doing no bad

Clubbers of the week

Why so serious?

How to avoid your friends from home this Easter

Don’t pretend you actually want to see them

Clubbers of the Week

You’re all absolute belters

Dapper Laughs to make comeback at Campus

They’re ‘really looking forward to having him’

Glasgow School of Art protest over slashed studio access

‘The access is everything to us, we can’t just pick up our work and take it home’

ER-magherd: Donate a fiver and win dinner with George Clooney

A Glasgow company is raising money for the homeless

Glasgow to re-brand buildings to ‘reflect diversity’

Some say it is unnecessarily politically correct

Fabulous: Glasgow Uni chapel allows same-sex marriages

They recommend gifts from the Glasgow Uni gift shop

Glasgow crowned drunkest uni in Scotland

Cheers to that

I went charity dogsledding in the Arctic after my family’s battle with cancer

‘I wanted to raise money for cancer research because of the difference they made when my parents were ill’

Glaswegian student rejected by English college for ‘not having UK residency’

So much for Better Together

Glasgow uni urged to drop investment in arms trade

They’ve invested in companies that sell weapons to dictators

Scottish university to offer ‘golf degree’

A little birdie told us

RockNess cancelled for the second year running

We’re all gutted

Hydro ranked world’s second busiest arena

If you lose your mates you’re screwed

Six pedestrians dead in George Square crash

Police have confirmed the fatalities

Uni library launches bizarre online points system to encourage friend-making and revision

We think

Stop pretending this is America

It’s much colder here and we get sarcasm

Fire-starter: Reason for devastating GSA fire identified

It’s been described as a freak accident

Do you have a Glasgow Uni accent?

But like, it’s such good chat?

As a girl – can we please stop the bitching

There’s a little part of Regina George in all of us

Israeli ambassador speech cancelled due to Palestine protesters

Two talks were cancelled due to the protests

Glasgow a top uni for accountancy

All that number crunching will pay off…promise

Gunpowder plot: Chemistry lecturer blows up roof in science experiment gone wrong

Your teacher isn’t as cool as ours

Students left seething after Octopussy scam

“My Halloween was completely ruined.”

Fans gutted after Paolo reschedules tour for January

Paolo, this is our last request; stop being a knob.

Lecturers threaten marking boycott second year running

Staff fear a pension deficit

Strathclyde duo hit with meningitis in same week

Both are recovering in hospital

Going to Viper sober made me realise how disgusting we all are

‘I think I’m in love with you, meet me in the toilets in five’

Students confirm Glasgow as friendliest city worldwide

If you don’t agree we’ll shank you