Introducing our brand new column: The anxiety diaries

We’ll be doing all the things you’ve been curious about doing at Exeter but have been too scared to try

Thirty-one percent of young people suffer with anxiety and depression, and honestly between the number of deadlines and tequila shots at uni, that number is probably much higher. Whilst anxiety can take many varied forms and affects each individual differently, there are definitely a few things that most of us have in common – namely, finding filling up water bottles in Forum the most traumatic experience ever.

Wanted to go to a Body Soc zumba class but too awkward? The thought of doing inter-mural netball absolutely terrify you? Wanted to go and see Don’t Worry Darling at Campus Cinema but couldn’t persuade anyone else to come and drool over Harry with you? Tempted to do a yoga class but paranoid you’re going to fall over and get told to leave?  Honestly, same.

Having two mental health diagnosis whilst trying to live uni life to its fullest has been a learning curve to say least and although I definitely try, there are undoubtedly things I’ve missed out on because of it.

So, we’ve launched a new column for everyone out there who is as awkward and anxious as me – think of it as the new agony aunt: the anxiety aunt if you will. Anything you’ve been curious to try at uni? DM us on Instagram @thetab.exeter with suggestions of what you think we should do.

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