Eight Exeter Uni moments that shouldn’t be embarrassing, but really, really are

That moment when you realise you can give yourself the ick

We all know that feeling when you’re doing something that gives yourself the ick, but you do it anyway. If you don’t know that feeling, you definitely will when you see your TP conquest doing something that makes you start regretting life. However much you deny it or try to cover it up, we have all most likely done embarrassing things that shouldn’t be embarrassing, but just are. If you haven’t done any of these things, then you need to come to campus more. These embarrassing moments are practically a rite of passage for any Exeter student:

1. Setting off the library alarm and getting locked in the barriers

The barriers locking on both sides, the stares from the librarians, the red flashing lights, really showing you have been well and truly caught stealing the book your lecturer recommended. At this moment you question why you were trying to be good in the first place and vouch to never take another book out again. Even though you’ve actually just forgotten you had the book in the first place, the library ‘bouncer’ is shaking her head as you open your bag to show the stolen goods. Sadly, you’ve also dragged your friend down with you and they’re cringing, pretending they have no idea who you are. It’s worse if it happens twice in one week…

2. Stopping halfway up Forum hill for a break

That dreaded hill that makes you question your choice of uni every time you are faced with it. Staring up as others march so effortlessly up it, the only thing encouraging you is the thought of your Pret when you make it to the top. We all do it; the hearts beating, you’re out of breath, your hangover has started to kick in but stopping on that hill is not an option. Stopping to stroke the campus cat is not a good cover either, we all know you’re just pretending you like cats to act cool about your near heart attack and hide the fact all your drinking at TP has started to catch up with you.

3. Walking into a lecture late

You’re sweating, you’re out of breath, and your tote bag has bashed into 15 people trying to get here. You peak into the room to prepare yourself for what’s to come, where you will sit yourself down, and how many people you have to face. They’re already there copying out the notes with their laptops out, listening. You ponder on whether or not you should say ‘sorry’ for being late, try and sneak in, or to go back home to save the embarrassment.

4. Filling your water bottle up in Forum

You may be aiming for those two litres a day or be needing it after your hike to campus, but if you are filling up your water bottle in Forum, are you ok? Not only is it unbelievably slow, so everyone man and MacBook passes you, but the water is warmer than my house now I can’t turn the heating on. If you queue up for it, just why? And is worse when you go to one that isn’t a bottle filler, and you still try to fill up your water bottle at the most awkward angle before realising its not going to do very much and give up.

5. Not being able to find your lecture room

You and all your friends are roaming around in circles looking for your seminar room, and you’re wondering how on earth you have survived all this time without knowing where anything is? Your friend asks the help desk where LT6 is (why is it always Queens?), as if the help desk will actually be helpful. What’s worse is when a second year hears this and reassures you that she still gets lost two years in, mistaking you for freshers.

The only way I try and justify this one is that we didn’t go in because of Covid in first year.

6. Your mum FaceTiming you in the library

Even when you text her you can’t call and she’s still persisting as this catchup can’t wait and she’s not spoken to you in about an hour. You eventually answer the FaceTime to mime and show her why you aren’t answering, instead, she takes it as an opportunity to talk and wave at whoever it is you’re sat next to (even if you don’t know them). Bonus points if you answer her on your laptop. It’s worse than the walk of shame, when you finally get up to talk, all eyes glaring at you as you’re telling her to hang on.  This is not the right time mum…

7. Bringing a lunchbox to campus

Even though meal deals are now £4.20 (*sobs*) we still get the dreaded feeling when you bring out your pack lunch box, feeling like you’re eight-years-old again. You may feel smug when you’re packing it, feeling like Martin Lewis money saving expert, but as soon as its out you regret this choice. Your sad sandwich never looks as good as it did when you made it and the memory of the chicken and bacon sandwich, a diet coke and kettle crisps is calling your name. Sometimes it’s so embarrassing that you keep the lunch in your bag, caving to the meal deal vouching you’ll eat your, now warm, lunch for dinner instead. A shameful day

8. Going to the digital hub

You’d think for how much we pay for uni that their WiFi would be completely flawless, however we all know that once a year (at least) we have to take a visit to the digital hub to get them to try to fix our WIFI problems. If it isn’t that, the OneDrive has stopped syncing and all your work has disappeared. If we weren’t so consumed with our embarrassment of sitting on those highchairs in anticipation for them to fix the issue just by turning your laptop on and off again, we may actually question where our money actually goes.

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