Exeter has raised more money for Movember than any other Uni, here are our favourite ‘taches

Now please shave them off

November has drawn to a close, which means it's time to shave those dodgy Movember moustaches off.

Exeter has raised an amazing £84,368 for the Movember charity, more than any other University in the UK. In 2018 they raised over £35,000, but this year's fundraisers, made up of 842 members and 64 teams, have beat last year by nearly 50k.

Movember supports men's health, raising funds for prostrate and testicular cancer research, and mental health and suicide prevention. It's not too late to donate – click here to support Exeter.

You didn't put in all that effort for those 'taches to go unnoticed, so we've compiled a list of Exeter's best moustaches this Movember, to give you the recognition you deserve.

Herb, First Year, Physics

Image may contain: Portrait, Photography, Photo, Interior Design, Indoors, Man, Beard, Face, Human, Person

More of a beard than a 'tache, but we'll give it to you

Matt, Second Year, Finance and Economics

Image may contain: Mouth, Teeth, Lip, Finger, Thumbs Up, Human, Person, Face, Smile

Bonus points for being so smiley

James, Second Year, History

Image may contain: Portrait, Photography, Photo, Beard, Performer, Man, Smile, Apparel, Coat, Suit, Overcoat, Clothing, Face, Human, Person, Accessory, Tie, Accessories

Can't go wrong with a moustache and a decent suit

Felix, First Year, Politics

Image may contain: Furniture, Photography, Portrait, Photo, Female, Tie, Text, Man, Accessories, Accessory, Glasses, Dress, Tuxedo, Face, Person, Human, Suit, Coat, Overcoat, Apparel, Clothing

A beard and a moustache, double whammy.

Joe, Third Year, Ancient History

Image may contain: Dish, Beard, Housing, Building, Lighting, Food, Meal, Man, Interior Design, Indoors, Photo, Selfie, Portrait, Photography, Smile, Head, Human, Person, Face

Now THAT is what you call a proper moustache

Mojo and Gaia, First Year, Medicine

Image may contain: Female, Head, Selfie, Hair, Photography, Photo, Portrait, Human, Person, Face

Snapchat works wonders

Will, Fourth Year, Civil Engineering

Image may contain: Head, Photo, Portrait, Photography, Mustache, Pillow, Cushion, Person, Human, Face

Solid attempt

Waleed, Nick and Josh, Second Year, Law

Image may contain: Coat, Shirt, Skin, Tattoo, Suspenders, Human, Person, Apparel, Clothing

Matching moustaches? We rate it.

Claire, Third Year, Theology

Image may contain: Portrait, Photo, Photography, Document, Id Cards, Text, Head, Human, Face, Person


Daniel, First Year, Chemistry

Image may contain: Finger, Text, Jaw, Human, Person, Face

Working that 'tache

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