Meet Exeter’s official BNOC of the year 2019

We have a winner!

It's here, the moment you've all been waiting for. The results are in for Exeter's BNOC of the year 2019.

There were over 300 nominations, 70 of you made it to the heats and 8500 votes were cast overall, but only one person could be crowned Exeter's true BNOC.

So without further ado, the winner is:

Ugo Eze

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via Instagram: @ugoeze99

The second year Maths student was nominated for being "sexy af", a "lovely human being" who "gives the best hugs", and in true BNOC style for "knowing everyone".

Well it looks like he definitely lived up to his reputation, raking in a whopping 446 votes.

We asked Ugo some questions about what it feels like to win the title of Exeter's Biggest BNOC 2019.

How does it feel to be crowned Exeter's BNOC of the year?

"Yet another W I have gained."

What's your secret to BNOC success?

"It helps that I am a large 6'5" black guy. So that narrows it to like four people in Exeter."

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via Instagram: @ugoeze99

How will you be celebrating?

"Just living my best life."

Do you have any advice for future BNOCs?

"Stay strapped, twist up your leg and maybe you will stand out as much as me."

Angelica Bowden-Jones and Maxim Asher came in at second and third place, with 414 and 378 votes respectively.

Angelica said she was "humbled and honoured" to come second. She told The Exeter Tab: "It's not easy having so many friends, and at times it can be annoying being constantly stopped on forum hill by people I've smiled at once, but it is what is is.

"To me coming second is a strong win as it means I don't have to scooter round campus naked, although I know the fans will be severely disappointed."

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via Instagram: @angelica.bowdenjones

Maxim described being Exeter's third biggest BNOC as "incredible", adding that he's "used to coming last so third is definitely new".

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via Instagram: @maxim.asher

He told The Exeter Tab he "wouldn't be here if it weren't for my pushy Jewish mother, own brand rum and 49p Pret filter coffees".

Featured Image via Instagram: @ugoeze99

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