Twats on Tinder: Exeter Edition

You might think twice about right-swiping after seeing these strange and scary-looking locals

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Tinder, the unfortunate epitome of modern-day dating. There ain’t nothing like selecting a potential mate based on a highly-edited, blatantly-posed-for photo and an often cringeworthy, self-promoting one-liner.

Do you believe in love at first swipe? The Tab thinks not. However, while this shameless hook-up/booty-call/dating app could be seen as a tad shallow, it does bring us climax-like pleasure in other ways.

Without further ado, then, here is the very best best (or worst) of what Exeter has to offer on Tinder. Those of you with of sensitive nature – or gag reflex – be warned.

The President of Exeter’s 18th Century Appreciation Society

Is this some strange sort of innuendo?

You know a Welshman when you see one, even on Tinder

Tinder: also a place to bump into sociopaths

Yah, like, I’m just, like, chilling with my bitches


Being a pigeon is one thing; being a seagull too extreme

Couldn’t flush herself down the toilet with those flotation devices

He’s been to Ibiza, loves Pimm’s and his mates PAY him to be their friend.

Smooth operator. Unless his chains get caught in his chest hair.

Just read the bio above. Enough said.


Oh, I’m sorry! You’ve caught me all off guard!

Have sex with me. I have a car.

You could probably get this one just by throwing some bread crusts at her.

Then again, maybe she’d be a perfect match for this guy.