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Jess Rayner


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#Exeter: Twitter Speaks Out

We find out what students and locals have to say about our beloved city and university in just 140 characters…

‘Mums Always Like Bubblebath, Right?’

Do we really need to bother with Mother’s Day this year?

In Defence of the Posh Twats

Don’t hate on Holland.

‘Secret’ Lee Evans show in Exeter

Shhhhh! It’s a secret!

Being a Welshy in Exeter

Do NOT mention Gavin and Stacey…

The Queen just can’t get enough of Exeter

Exeter Historian awarded MBE at Buckingham Palace

How to be a wanker in the library

Enjoy people tutting at you? Here’s our guide on how to be THAT dickhead in the library

Review: Casa Maroc

Like good food, sitting on the floor and saving money? Jess Rayner and Jack Banister may have found the place of your dreams!


Decor panels and jam hampers?! Student essentials my arse.

Tab Confessions

We know what you got up to with your housemate’s sister…

The Wurzels ‘send our knickers into orbit’

Jess Rayner catches up with our fave cider-drinking boy band at Hole in the Wall’s Cider Dogs

Reasons why this weather is shit

Flooding around campus and streams down Stocker Road? I’ll stay at home, thanks

V-Day Playlist 2014: ‘Let’s Get It Onnnnnnn’

You can thank us later 😉

Exeter Club Safari #2

Once again, we journey into this well-known habitat and record our observations for your intrigue and enjoyment

Twats on Tinder: Exeter Edition

You might think twice about right-swiping after seeing these strange and scary-looking locals

Guess who’s back? Back again?

The highs and lows of being back in the South West

The Tab Reviews: EXIT

The Tab headed down to the Quay to see what all the fuss is about for EXIT.

Exeter Club Safari

We trek deep in the wilderness of Exeter’s nightlife.

Mugging on Howell Road

Bag snatched on the student-populated road.

You Were Thinking It: Back In Business

That’s right folks: ‘You Were Thinking It’ is back on The Tab.

Ultimate All-Nighter Playlist

A top selection of tunes to keep you awake until the early hours tonight.

Top Five Hangover Cures

If all else fails, you can just keep drinking.

Five under a Fiver: Halloween Costumes for Boys

Because spooky doesn’t have to be spenny.

How to Turn a Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride

Make it a hero’s hike, not a step of regret.

Top Ten Twats on Tinder

Oh wow.

Things Heat Up at Co-op

“Hundreds of pounds” of goods thrown away at Pennsylvania Road store.

Overheard: ‘Does seeing his bum count as second base?’

No, it really doesn’t.

Overheard: Freshers’ Week Special

Jess Rayner brings you all the latest gossip overheard during Freshers’ Week.

Exeter Freshers’ Week Bucket List

The top 20 things to do this Freshers Week #exefresh

Student Rents on the Rise

The priciest digs are in London, Oxford, Cambridge and Exeter

Charging Your Phone is now Piss Easy

Boffins find an ever-so-slightly disgusting way to power your mobile so it’ll never go flat again

Does Daley Think Exeter’s a Dive?

Daley passes up opportunity to study at Exeter University. How rude!

Fire On Campus

Fire on Clyesdale Avenue

Stranger in student house was just looking for his phone

Student comes home to find man rummaging through coat pockets

Plan To Ban Larks in the Parks

Police are planning on placing a drinking ban in all Exeter parks just in time for summer.

Dish the Dirt on Your Lecturers

What do you REALLY think about your tutor? This new website lets you let rip.

Website of the week: Actresses Without Teeth

If some of the most beautiful women in the world took out their dentures, what would they look like? We find out…

Inventive Ways to Use Campaign Week Flyers

You’ve read the manifestos, heard the chants, placed your vote. But what are you going to do with all the flyers you’ve picked up?

How to Lose your Housemates in 10 Days

Living in a shared house can be the best experience of your life or it can be the worst.

Overheard: new term, same old

“I really do think willy is my favourite word” and other gems.

The Exeter Uni Bucket List

The top 20 things to do before you graduate.

How NOT TO act in a lecture

Top 10 Ways To Procrastinate

We’re all guilty of it! Jess Rayner reviews the ‘Top 10 ways to procrastinate’

The Tab meets… Common Goals

The Tab met up with the lovely Common Goals guys to spread the word about their great work.

Top 10 Savvy Student Tips To Save

The Tab are here with some helpful hints on how to save money to get you through this term!

Overheard at Exeter – Third Time Lucky

What WOULD your mothers think?

House vs Halls

Lafrowda or Longbrook? Pennsylvania Road or Penny C? Grace Kelly tackles the long standing debate of house vs halls.

What’s All The Bubble About?

The Tab head on down to Bubble Bubble Co. to find out what all the fuss is about!

Anyone for a Game of Hide and Seek?

Grace Kelly looks into the weird and wonderful world of societies at Exeter.

The Top Five ‘Last Minute’ Halloween Costumes

The Tab brings you five quick and easy Halloween costumes and tells you where you need to go to get them. Aren’t we lovely!

How to … throw a Halloween House Party for under £20

Want to celebrate Halloween in style but are a bit strapped for cash? Never fear! The Tab is here!

One Night In Hamburg…

As the winter nights are drawing in, Ashley Jamali looks back fondly (well maybe not too fondly) to his summer travels.

Overheard at Exeter: Round 2

Will you guys ever learn?

The Tab Visits: On The Waterfront

Looking for a perfect date location? Or just an alternative to Firehouse pizza? Jess Rayner and Iona Swannell head down to On The Waterfront.

The Tab Reviews – Tea On The Green

Looking for the perfect spot for afternoon tea? Jess Rayner and Sophie Brown test out Tea On The Green.

Overheard In Exeter returns

We’ve been keeping our ears open around campus and have been amazed at the stuff people come out with.


Jess Rayner travels four months back down Memory Lane.

The 5 people you WILL meet in your halls

Worried about who you’ll meet in your flat this year? Jess Rayner hits every stereotype pretty accurately…

The 5 Relationships You Will Experience at Uni

Jess Rayner on the unique dynamics of the university relationship.