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Exeter students in Cornwall are real and we’re better than you

We even have Starbucks

Exeter’s next top model: Basketball Society

Which of Exeter’s best ballers would you want to see strut their stuff on the catwalk?

Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

The guys give us their two cents on what their favourite winter clothing pieces are. Interestingly enough, one of them recommends dungaree shorts…

Fashion in the Forum: Women’s Edition

This week’s gals dish out on what their must-have winter pieces are to cope with the cold

Movember Menspiration

Need some tips on how to give your moustache the TLC it needs? We hunted down our finest men in Exeter to learn how to keep your facial hair fabulous

Beer Box: For richer and for pourer

We explore the Primark of the alcohol world to find out just how much The Marketplace is ripping you off

Being a Welshy in Exeter

Do NOT mention Gavin and Stacey…

Fashion in the Forum

Tab Fashion reveals the results of their latest search for student style.

Our campus is OK, but it could be so much better

We’re lucky enough to have a decent campus in Exeter, but for me, the glass is half-empty

Rugby league club fresher to wear official club uniform until Easter Sunday in fives forfeit

Rugby league’s Rob Haythorpe loses annual game of 5s to wear ones for Lent.

Why increasing student fees is a joke

Seriously, how much more money can universities wheedle out of their students?!


The issues only the female Exeter student will ever understand

How to be an Exeter landlord

Jonny Buck gives you his step-by-step guide for how to be an Exeter landlord

Say cheese: Exeter named one of the happiest UK cities

Instagram shows us that Exeter is one of the happiest cities in the UK.

Pathetic cowards kow-towing to the whims of the press: why the uni needs to strap on a pair

An open letter to the University, re: Elina Desaine and the SSB

How to shed your post-Christmas poundage

Christmas is done, exams are over, put the biscuits down!

Twats on Tinder: Exeter Edition

You might think twice about right-swiping after seeing these strange and scary-looking locals

Are our great-grandparents to blame for our bodily obsessions?

Exeter professor suggests our self-obsession with physique dates back to the Victorian period

Exeter Freshers’ Week Bucket List

The top 20 things to do this Freshers Week #exefresh

Does Daley Think Exeter’s a Dive?

Daley passes up opportunity to study at Exeter University. How rude!