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Summer vibes: Devon’s best beaches and how to get to them

Go outside for once

Exeter students in Cornwall are real and we’re better than you

We even have Starbucks

Exeter’s next top model: Basketball Society

Which of Exeter’s best ballers would you want to see strut their stuff on the catwalk?

Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

The guys give us their two cents on what their favourite winter clothing pieces are. Interestingly enough, one of them recommends dungaree shorts…

Why Timepiece is the best club in Exeter

It is literally the only club you need

Fashion in the Forum: Women’s Edition

This week’s gals dish out on what their must-have winter pieces are to cope with the cold

Movember Menspiration

Need some tips on how to give your moustache the TLC it needs? We hunted down our finest men in Exeter to learn how to keep your facial hair fabulous

Rugby players: the great deception

Behind the bolting, bulking and beaters that go hand in hand with Rugby players, lurks an unheralded truth…

What do your selfies really say about you?

The hidden messages behind your Snapchats and Instagrams revealed

Hole in the Wall wins pub of the year

Student-friendly pub wins Exeter’s Pub of the Year

How brainless promoters are rinsing us with borrowed ideas this summer

Remember all of Thick As Thieves’ ideas from last summer? So do Exeter’s other promoters, writes EKIN KARASIN

How to bluff your way through Cricket Varsity

The Tab gives you its definitive guide to Cricket Varsity

Man dies after taking heroin outside John Lewis

Exeter police have said there is “no clear” evidence from which to prosecute after the death of a young man outside a John Lewis car park in Exeter.

Tickbox: What do you stand for?

Think voting isn’t for you? Find out what happened when The Tab met Tickbox, the site which may well change your mind

RAG’s Jailbreak returns to Exeter

Any travel-lovers out there? If so, good news: Following the success of its launch in February, RAG’s Jailbreak is returning to Exeter.

Snail throwing? Is that why we’re paying £9k?

Scientific research makes students question University’s tuition fees

Things I wish I’d known as a fresher

A whole year older and wiser, Sophie Belcher passes her first year wisdom down to the next generation of freshers

Just Eat student tour coming to Exeter

Online takeaway firm to hand out free pizza in the Forum on Friday

UPDATE: Bath Beats Exe to South West’s Best University

The Complete University Guide releases its 2015 league table – with Exeter named as the UK’s best University for quality accommodation

EUMHC: The Movie 2014

Exeter’s men’s hockey club pay tribute to club legend Nick Beasant in ‘EUMHC: The Movie’