Why Timepiece is the best club in Exeter

It is literally the only club you need

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In Exeter, we are pretty limited in terms of nights out, and although we it may not boast clubs-a-plenty, that’s OK because we have Timepiece.

The set-up beats any other, the music caters for the widest audience than any other club, they may possibly have the tastiest burgers on earth, the bouncers are banterous, and you can guarantee three solid nights out a week.

Where else can you find yourself in a spacious and heated smoking area, chomping on a delicious burger?

Seriously, what other club gives you the abilty to eat, drink and be merry all in the same space. Saves you a trip to Maccy D’s after as well.

My first ever TP burger – good memories

With two pubs and a club all in one place, you have so many choices

If you get bored of the music, or “the vibe”, you can just move on from the pub at downstairs TP up to middle floor, and if that’s not your style then you can climb on up to top top.

Timepiece caters for many different moods, music styles and stages of drunkenness, so you can never really get bored. This is why you get the largest mix of halls and people at TP.

From Hogwarts students to Tab writers- TP got em all 

Gold Cards

The elusive gold card. Where else is there the chance to win free entry and queue jump all week every week?

On sale for £170. A very valuable item for exeter students.


The Beauty of Top Top

One top top reveller Ash O’Riordan, first year engineer said: “The fan, it makes it. You’re in this cold oasis, it’s just… amazing”.

Top Top is selling point enough for TP as the best club in Exeter. You’ve got the fan, the ledges, and the best clubbing tunes.

Wednesday TP is known for its sports socials, and consequently you can expect to see some ridiculous costumes about.

Standard fare 

There’s a general consensus TP has the friendliest bouncers

In my experience, one girl wearing some precarious stilettos was gracefully aided when bouncers carried her over the cobbles.

Several regulars from all years are on first name basis with them, greeting them all with a hug and a chit chat on exit and arrival of TP.

For those who aren’t in the cheesy mood, Tuesday TP socials are the answer

The Perfect Week

Monday TP – start off the week/drown your sorrows that the weekend is over with a night out, avoiding moz madness and its overpacked capacity.

Tuesday – Definitely a regular night for socials, but if not have a rest day, ready to TP tomorrow.

Wednesday TP – Humpday Hotties. Half way through the week! Celebrate at TP and expect to see the sports socials in all their glory.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday TP – celebrate the end of the week, and where else are you going to go? Arena? Ha!

But let’s be honest, you could go every single night of the week.