EUMHC: The Movie 2014

Exeter’s men’s hockey club pay tribute to club legend Nick Beasant in ‘EUMHC: The Movie’

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Now a club tradition each season, this year’s version is directed by Tom Whitworth, a hockey fanatic and a part-time Steven Spielberg.

The video pays special tribute to departing 1st XI Manager and Assistant Director of Sport, Nick Beasant, whilst encapsulating what it means to be member of the EUMHC.

University of Exeter’s Nick Beasant

One of EUMHC’s Vice Captains, leaver Tom Appleby, explains that “the video is the most thoughtful and professional that we’ve done, which is obviously indicative of Whitworth’s endeavours, and of the need to pay tribute to Beasant.”

Beasant is no doubt the movie’s starring man – which is more than fitting, given he has been a central part of the EUMHC since he was a student and a first-teamer back in his heyday (probably around the year of your birth).

Appleby (black and white jumper) alongside some of his comrades.

After serving as AU President, ‘The Bez’ took up a role in the Sports Office, and eventually became the 1st XI’s Manager, and the Club’s Chairman.

His reflections on his time at the club and the university, as well as his acknowledgement of the benefits and the beauty of university sport, will resonate with all the people who have been lucky enough to work with him during his time at Exeter.

The EUMHC in suitable attire for their club photo this season.

Indeed, the 1st XI’s resident rock and another Vice Club Captain, Will Heywood, says: “having Bez in the lead role is a fantastic tribute and farewell to him.

“[He] certainly does justice to the hard work and effort he has put into pushing Exeter up the BUCS Rankings not only in Hockey, but in all sports.”

The video begins with several panoramic shots of campus.

As well as showcasing the EUMHC and helping to drive recruitment, the movie provides all club members with a snippet of the memories they enjoyed throughout the year.

The reflections of leavers Beasant, Appleby and Heywood are supplemented by those of outgoing Club Captain Sam Plater, and outgoing 1st XI Captain Ben Upton.

EUMHC Club Captain, Sam Plater

5th XI Captain and one of the club’s most vibrant personalities William Walshe also appears, dressed in full kit and donning his fluorescent orange captain’s band.

He made Appleby, who wears a ‘Sonic’ t-shirt, look and feel slightly underdressed.

Walshe (right) looking adoringly at Appleby

There’s some cracking footage of the dreamiest tekkers seen this year, as well as snippets from a few big games – notably the 4s battling Bath, the 2s battling Lufbra, and the 1s battling Sheffield Hallam, all in front of buzzing crowds.

The past is also acknowledged, through footage of some of the club’s biggest days, including the 1st XI’s 4-3 win over Durham to clinch BUCS Gold in 2012, and the 2011 pummelling of club outfit Southgate 5-1, which saw the club regain National Premier League status.

The 2014 1st XI Leavers, with Beasant in the centre.

Incumbent Club Captain Rory Collett summarises EUMHC’s intentions best: “the club is one of the hardest things for people to leave when they graduate, and we hope the movie does their time here justice.”