Movember Menspiration

Need some tips on how to give your moustache the TLC it needs? We hunted down our finest men in Exeter to learn how to keep your facial hair fabulous

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Steve Whitmore

Course: Third year Geography.
Are you doing Movember? No I don’t want to damage my reputation with girls. I think I’m better looking without it because my jaw line is more enhanced.
How do you maintain it? With Veet once a week before Thursday Mozz.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? Last Thursday Mozz!

Jamie Lettem

Course: Third year Business Management
Are you doing Movember? Yes, because my housemates are doing it with me and it’s good fun! Plus, I like having a stubble otherwise I look really young without it.
How do you maintain it? With a beard trimmer everyday.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? 2-3 months ago

Kwasi Yeboah

Course: Second year Law
Are you doing Movember? No, I don’t really do proper beards/moustaches because I like to be groomed.
How do you maintain it? It doesn’t really grow.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? About 4 weeks ago.

Martin Machado Freeney

Course: Third year History
Are you doing Movember? Yes, it’ll be fun and I enjoy the look of having a moustache! Particularly, it’s “my look”, however I am considering getting rid of it because I want to look younger.
How do you maintain it? I trim it with scissors, like a gardener! I shave the sides every other day twice a week.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? 3-4 years ago

Jonathan Bales

Course: International Relations.
Are you doing Movember? I guess I will be because this beard is part of me.
How do you maintain it? I trim it every so often.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? It’s been that long that I cannot remember

Joe Anderson

Course: Second year Drama.
Are you doing Movember? Yes, because I’m not going to shave it off. I’m too lazy and I would have to shave everyday if I didn’t have this. However, people do think I’m ginger just because of my beard but actually, I’m not!
How do you maintain it? Just trim it whenever it gets messy to make myself look less insane.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? July 2014.

Greg Bradley

Course: Second year Business Management.
Are you doing Movember? I didn’t plan to do Movember this year but I guess I’m kind of part of it now.
How do you maintain it? Having a beard is like having a girlfriend: it’s a lot of attention and care, there’s some good and bad days but most of all, it’s all over your face.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? Almost 2 years ago.

Sam Jackson

Course: Second year Philosophy
Are you doing Movember? Just to see how it goes. Sadly, I’m not raising money for it this year but I did last year. It kinda sucks having it though because I constantly see it when I look down which is grim!
How do you maintain it? Trim it every couple of days, otherwise just let it all hang out.
When was the last time you had it clean shaven? 2 weeks ago but I obviously shave the rest of my face to keep it cute.