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Exeter’s next top model: Basketball Society

Which of Exeter’s best ballers would you want to see strut their stuff on the catwalk?

Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

The guys give us their two cents on what their favourite winter clothing pieces are. Interestingly enough, one of them recommends dungaree shorts…

Fashion in the Forum: Women’s Edition

This week’s gals dish out on what their must-have winter pieces are to cope with the cold

Movember Menspiration

Need some tips on how to give your moustache the TLC it needs? We hunted down our finest men in Exeter to learn how to keep your facial hair fabulous

Beer Box: For richer and for pourer

We explore the Primark of the alcohol world to find out just how much The Marketplace is ripping you off

#Exeter: Twitter Speaks Out

We find out what students and locals have to say about our beloved city and university in just 140 characters…

Green Machine: BUCS Round Up

In the last Green Machine of the term, we bring you news of all the big play-off matches.

Fives Loser heads to Exeter

Edinburgh University in response to Jack Banister’s famous trip across the border before Christmas sent their own lucky fresher on the 24 hour round trip from Edinburgh to Exeter and back again.

Moberly: Exeter’s Resident Prison

If you’ve ever ventured down behind Birks, you might stumble across a collection of buildings that almost eerily resemble a prison.

Exeter University’s top female bloggers

From beauty product reviews to London Fashion week, they’ve got it covered, all while completing their degrees.

How to be a wanker in the library

Enjoy people tutting at you? Here’s our guide on how to be THAT dickhead in the library

Battle of the Bands: Semi-Final Two

The second semi-finals of battle of the bands gave the crowd more than they bargained for…

The Tab’s guide to break ups

If you’re going to do it, do it before Valentine’s: #itsnotyouitsme

The Tab tries: Beer pong

Pong? Tab writer Sam Goldblatt finds out what the fuss is all about

Guess who’s back? Back again?

The highs and lows of being back in the South West

How To Avoid The Freshers’ Fifteen

No one wants THAT much junk in their trunk…

Best Of The South West: Varsity 2012

Exeter Uni V Bath Uni this weekend

EUMHC vs Loughborough: A Preview

Adam Lax looks ahead to ‘El Clasico’

Crunch Time for EUMHC 4th XI

Adam Lax reports on a season defining week

Timepiece Tales… Part 3

Adam Lax explores Little Castle Street on a Friday night