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Exeter takeaways told to clean up their act

The Food Standard Agency cracks down on Exeter’s food hygiene

Tab fashion’s top summer trends

With student loans burning a hole in our pockets, exams raising stress levels and a hint – finally – of decent weather, it’s time to start stocking up on summer style.

Former Exeter postman found guilty of founding global fraud organisation

Exeter’s Crown Court finds Shaker Javaid guilty of money laundering and fraud

A thirst for giving

The University has raised £5,000 for charity from selling bottles of water

Oh Exeter is wonderful!

The Sunday Times names Exeter as one of Britain’s best cities

Infamous Top Top Timepiece Ledge scrapped amid accusations of elitism

Students campaign against the ledge, claiming it promotes violence and “top top hierarchy”

Voluntourism is an attempt to cure your middle class guilt, not cure poverty

Student volunteers just want a sepia-toned cover photo with tearful African orphans – they have no idea how to actually make a difference

Deadline season: this is not a hotel

There should be a special circle in hell reserved for people that nap in the library.

Demons enjoy historic victory over Leeds Carnegie

The Exeter Demons won 27 -14 against Leeds, making them the most successful team in the club’s short history

The Queen just can’t get enough of Exeter

Exeter Historian awarded MBE at Buckingham Palace

Rock Climbing in the River Exe?!

A giant rock climbing wall is set to be built over the River Exe for an international competition.

There’s something fishy going on here…

Turns out high noise levels and fish? Not such a great combo.

How to be a wanker in the library

Enjoy people tutting at you? Here’s our guide on how to be THAT dickhead in the library

A local Saturday Arena experience

Ever wondered what Arena’s like on a Saturday? Well, look no further…

Why increasing student fees is a joke

Seriously, how much more money can universities wheedle out of their students?!

Exeter Central’s Exe-treme Makeover

Exeter Central station shows off its £660,000 makeover

Sleeping rough: ‘The older you get, the harder it becomes’

With Sleep Easy 2014 approaching, when Exeter residents will sleep rough overnight, Ben Stupples talked to one of the city’s regular street-sleepers

What type of Tab commenter are you?

From the haters to the grammar correctors – here’s our guide to the top Tab commenters

Battle of the Bands: Semi-Final One

Rock, funk and a mosh pit: the first semi-final of the Battle of the Bands hits Timepiece.

Alcopops are shit

Why drink a bottle of fruit juice when you can hit the hard stuff?