Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

The guys give us their two cents on what their favourite winter clothing pieces are. Interestingly enough, one of them recommends dungaree shorts…

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Edouard de Becker Remy

Edouard puts everyone to shame with this elegant ensemble!

Edouard puts everyone to shame with this elegant ensemble

Course: Second year Business Management with Leadership
Favourite winter piece: Scarf because it keeps you warm.

Xu Peihao

Xu keeps it cute this outfit – especially love the moonwalker shoes

Course: Second year Business and Management
Favourite winter piece: Coats because they make me feel skinny, fashionable and warm.

Ricky J. Freelove

Ricky keeps it simple with his staples – still looking pretty suave though

Course: Third year History
Favourite winter piece: Knitted jumper because it’s a family heirloom.

Edward Butler

Ed keeps it winter warm with some maroon knitwear and classic chinos

Course: Second year Business and Management
Favourite winter piece: Jumpers because they’re stylish and comfortable.

Iban de la Sota

Any scarf is better than no scarf – good on you Iban

Course: Second year History and Politics
Favourite winter piece: This scarf from Cambodia because it has a sentimental meaning for me.

Moritz Bongartz

We love how Moritz pairs up his faded jeans with the classic leather jacket

Course: Second year Management
Favourite winter piece: Leather jacket because it’s comfy and not too stiff to wear.

David Olagunju

David braves out the cold with a denim jacket but fear not, he’s paired it with a comfy jumper underneath

Course: 1st year Computer Science
Favourite winter piece: Boots because they are actually more comfy and keep your feet warmer than sports shoes in the winter.

Ross Romdel

Ross looks like he’s repping for Topman with this outfit – we love

Course: First year History but changing to English
Favourite winter piece: I actually love dungarees because they hold everything in.