Can friends with benefits ever work?

‘It’s just for servicing the pipes’

Fashion in the Forum: Men’s Edition

The guys give us their two cents on what their favourite winter clothing pieces are. Interestingly enough, one of them recommends dungaree shorts…

Fashion in the Forum: Women’s Edition

This week’s gals dish out on what their must-have winter pieces are to cope with the cold

Things I wish I’d known as a fresher

A whole year older and wiser, Sophie Belcher passes her first year wisdom down to the next generation of freshers

In Defence of the Posh Twats

Don’t hate on Holland.

The Tab Reviews: RAG Christmas Market

RAG Christmas market proves a roaring success.

Guild slams student loan sell off

Anger as student debt is offered for sale to private company

Students grumble over contact hours

A new study has found that students are unhappy with the number of their contact hours.

Students splash out more than £1000 on beauty products a year

Students are spending more than £1,000 a year each on beauty products, according to new figures.

Stressed students struggle to study due to salsa surprise

With deadlines looming and the rush before Easter break, many were upset at the levels of noise in the forum today

Oh so Phickle…

Third year Brad Vanstone recently set up a clothing line called Phickle with his friend, Tom Kelly.

No sex, please; we’re students

Our resident sexpert delves into Exeter’s reluctance to get down and dirty.

Man Versus Booze allegedly hospitalised

After downing 2 pints of absinthe, MvB was allegedly hospitalized last night.

Do You Belong To A Library Tribe?

Sleepers, Shelf Clearers, and Point-of-no-Returners; Harry McCarthy guides you through the Library’s usual suspects.

Top 5…Tips for Surviving Assessment Centres

Stressed to the point of giving up and accepting a career as a dustbin man? Relax – The Drop is giving you our key top tips for surviving assessment centres.