Xander Seddon

Xander Seddon
Exeter University


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She had drunk a litre of vodka

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Democracy and stuff

The rise of the pre-professional

They used to be a laugh

Any who believes sport socials to be anything but theatre surely casts themselves as the fool

‘A play is something that goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults’ – Tom Stoppard

Rugby players: the great deception

Behind the bolting, bulking and beaters that go hand in hand with Rugby players, lurks an unheralded truth…

Just Eat student tour coming to Exeter

Online takeaway firm to hand out free pizza in the Forum on Friday

Bigwigs call time on Inflatables down the Exe event

Council and uni chiefs veto planned nautical party, amid concerns about widespread student jollity (among other things)

Rugby league club fresher to wear official club uniform until Easter Sunday in fives forfeit

Rugby league’s Rob Haythorpe loses annual game of 5s to wear ones for Lent.

What does your uni sport say about you? (Male version)

Our cheeky run-down of sporting stereotypes (please don’t cry)

Horsing around: polo club strip off for naked calendar

Exeter Uni Polo Club’s clothes have joined the dash for the floor, as they release their own dedicated naked calendar

Exeter Poo-niversity: The Best Places to Poo on Campus

Seized by an urge to lay a brick on campus? The Tab is here to help.

Fight Club: Exeter

EUABC’s inaugural Boxing Showcase comes to the Lemon Grove this Wednesday.

Taking the Piste…By Storm

Xander Seddon took some time out to meet some of Exeter Snowsports’ biggest cheeses…

Striking lecturers? Most of us are too hungover to care

We don’t care about a stupid lecturers’ strike, argues Xander Seddon.