Ekin Karasin

Ekin Karasin
Exeter University


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How brainless promoters are rinsing us with borrowed ideas this summer

Remember all of Thick As Thieves’ ideas from last summer? So do Exeter’s other promoters, writes EKIN KARASIN

Infamous Top Top Timepiece Ledge scrapped amid accusations of elitism

Students campaign against the ledge, claiming it promotes violence and “top top hierarchy”

Voluntourism is an attempt to cure your middle class guilt, not cure poverty

Student volunteers just want a sepia-toned cover photo with tearful African orphans – they have no idea how to actually make a difference

There’s something fishy going on here…

Turns out high noise levels and fish? Not such a great combo.

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From the haters to the grammar correctors – here’s our guide to the top Tab commenters


The issues only the female Exeter student will ever understand

The life-ruining stages of a hangover

The Tab gives you its very own step-by-step guide to hangovers

I’ve seen the light and it doesn’t include shitloads of drugs

Do you really need a line of coke instead of a Jägerbomb?

August: Osage County opening night cancelled

The opening night (5th February) of ‘August: Osage County’ has been cancelled

Exeter’s celebrity lookalikes: girls edition

From Hollywood actresses to TV presenters to full-on royalty, we’re here to give you the lowdown on Exeter’s best female celebrity lookalikes. Guys, hold onto your semis – it’s about to get uncanny up in here

Onesies: we need to call time on this sickening trend

It doesn’t matter how comfortable wearing a onesie makes you feel. It’s making everyone else’s skin crawl

What lurks beneath the surface of the boozed-up chlamydiots

Why rugby boys are just trying really, really hard to impress us and each other

Does anyone genuinely enjoy the sound of house music?

Monotonous beats, no lyrics, wondering when the track begins and ends. We’re all in on a massive conspiracy