The top five Halloween Drinking Games to get you hammered

Let’s get Hallowasted

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It’s that time of year again, Halloween is fast approaching and we’re all thinking of ways to have a great time now that ‘Trick or Treating’ is definitely off the cards. What better way to have fun than good old Halloween drinking games?

I may enjoy a drinking game more than most after my unofficial role as ‘Game Queen’ in my flat last year but now Halloween fever is upon us I’m sure you’ll all be eager to attempt my top five Halloween drinking games.

Alcoholic Apple Bobbing

This Halloween classic is not to be missed come 31 October, if the student budget will stretch fill your washing-up bowl with an alcoholic punch, then place apples with numbers carved in the sides into the bottle.

The numbers correlate to the number of shots, or fingers that the apple bobber must drink once they’ve eaten their alcohol soaked apple.

Trick or Treat

Make six labels to cover six non-see through cups. In three of the cups put a ‘trick’ shot, in the remaining three put ‘treat’ shots.

Lay them out in a line, each player must roll a dice and must drink what ever number shot they land on. Periodically mix up the cups when ‘trick’ and ‘treat’ shots are re-filled. Half the fun is not knowing whether it’s Apple Sourz or Gin in that cup!

Wrap a Mummy

For the more adventurous and devoted Halloween drinking games revellers, divide into pairs or teams and using a roll of toilet paper wrap one of the members of the pair or team as speedily as possible.

The fastest to wrap their mummy wins; the others have to down a pint of some lethal Halloween punch.

This Is The Witch

Extra points for the best cackle

A great game for any time of year, but particularly appropriate at Halloween:

Player One: (points at someone) Player Two this is the Witch

Player Two: The What?

Player One: The Witch.

Player Two: Ohhh The Witch. Player Three this is the Witch.

Player Three: The what?

Player Two: The what?

Player One: The Witch

Player Two: The Witch

Player Three: Ohhh The Witch. Player Four this is the Witch.

And so on, DRINK! Any person can get called to the game more than once, leading to greater confusion, hilarity and, most importantly, drinking.

Zombie, Witch, Ghost

A quick game to get people drinking that involves three actions and optional sound effects of your choice for the three characters: Zombie (arms out in front of you), Witch (pointed hands on top of your head) and Ghost (wavy arms by your sides and wiggling and all with appropriate noises!).

The game master shouts one, two, three and on the count of three you become one of the three characters, the character with the most amount of people playing it loses and has to drink. Repeat frequently for further intoxication.

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