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Prove you’re definitely over him by buying this ‘Ghosted’ costume for Halloween!

I guess I’ll just die alone then x

Remember Ghosting? The deeply accurate dating trend which made you realise no one loves you and now you're empty inside? Yeah, well someone's turned the whole experience into a Halloween costume.

Party City is selling the Womens Ghosted Costume for anyone who's been ghosted or ghosted someone via text for £18.99.

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And people all over the world are ready to break it out next month:

Some people are annoyed that it's called the "Women's Ghosted Costume" because you guessed it, there is no "Mens Ghosted Costume." ?

For extra effect, you could just find an old white dress and personalise it with your own messages when you got ghosted. Because nothing will be as iconic as these two girls dressing up as real texts they got from guys for Halloween.

What dating trend are they going to make a Halloween costume out of next? Cushioning? Haunting? Thanks to late stage capitalism, you can commodify a selection of traumatic experiences this Halloween!

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