These are all the offensive costumes people will be wearing this Halloween

Based on popular Google searches


With so much information available on what Halloween costumes are considered as offensive, you'd think that in 2017, people wouldn't dress up as Harvey Weinstein – someone with multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

But every year, there's that person that takes the joke too far, dressing up in really bad taste. And Google Trends data has revealed exactly what those costumes will be this year.

The Google searches for "Harvey Weinstein's bath robe", "Woody Allen costume" and costumes for recently deceased celebrities like Hugh Hefner and Chester Bennington have spiked, just in time for Halloween.

Harvey Weinstein

The data compiled by fashion discovery website Style Compare, exhibits a spike in "Harvey Weinstein Bathrobe" Google searches since last Friday.

The information shows that at one point, almost a 100 people searched for the term within an hour.

The data also reveals that the search for "Harvey Weinstein costume" began on the 9th of October, showing an upwards trend since.

Woody Allen and daughter

Interest in "Woody Allen costumes" rose after he made the controversial comments in support of Weinstein.

Furthermore, the search interest in "Woody Allen's daughter" Dylan Farrow, who Allen is alleged to have abused, also spiked at this time.

Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny

Recently deceased celebrities such as Hugh Hefner are also likely to inspire tasteless Halloween costumes.

The search for "Hugh Hefner Style Robe" spiked as soon as his death was announced.

Chester Bennington

The lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, committed suicide in July earlier this year. And as expected searches in "Chester Bennington Costume" have also appeared since then.

Tom Petty

The American musician passed away earlier this month, aged 66, and the searches for "Tom Petty Costume" peaked hours after he died. They also show another upwards trend from the 11th of October.