10 iconic Edinburgh Uni BeReal moments we’ve all taken

Edi students, it’s time to BeReal

If you haven’t heard of BeReal, you must be living under a rock. Whether or not you’re an avid BeReal user, you’ve probably starred in a few, or at the very least noticed everyone in the library simultaneously getting their phone out to take a selfie.

But if you’re an Edi BeReal user there are some iconic moments you 100 per cent will have taken, so without further ado let’s discuss Edinburgh Uni’s most iconic BeReal moments.

1. Strutting down Middle Meadow Walk amidst the cherry blossom trees

It’s so aesthetic always.

2. Iconic Meadow picnics

Tesco meal deal for the win.

3. Right after you cook a phenomenal stir fry or pesto pasta and get to show off your mad skills

LOML = pesto pasta.

4. Squad African wrap library break

Or Nile Valley if you’re that kinda person….

5. Flat pres…

98 per cent alcohol and two per cent mixer is the only way.

6. And of course pub pres!

Watch the foam beards slowly get bigger.

7. Circuits Room at Pleasance… yawn

Really not the vibe.

8. Walking in the rain, AKA 99 per cent of Edinburgh’s BeReal

Then your fingers get wet and you struggle to use your phone, sad times.

9. However you deal with your hangover

BeReal has fully exposed my McDonalds addiction.

10. 4th floor of the library. BeReal has seen it from every angle at every time of the day

Mainly angles of me crying tbh.

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