Martha Williams

UCU announces marking and assessment boycott

The boycott will begin on Thursday 20th of April

EUSOG puts on gender neutral production of the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

The producer has highlighted the gender-neutral casting as ‘one of the most prominent features of the production’

Edinburgh University students have their say on the Harry & Meghan drama

‘Two rich people complaining about rich person problems’ is a hot take

Edinburgh Uni students have organised 5-a-side World Cup tournament for charity

Proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International and Men Matter UK

‘My cousins were shot by government officials’: An experience of the Iranian protests

We spoke to an Iranian student at Edinburgh who has personal ties to the protests

Edinburgh University Students’ Association is explicitly pro-choice after Thursday’s vote

The motion passed with a 98 per cent ‘for’ vote

It may not be Fringe season, but Edinburgh is not short of a theatre scene this Winter

All of Edinburgh’s actors do not hibernate during the non-Fringe season!

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Because there is obviously a correlation

Eat out for a day in Edinburgh and we’ll guess your fave uni building

There is no cost of living crisis in this magical quiz world – go crazy!

‘He seems quite short’: Edinburgh University students voice their opinions on Rishi Sunak

‘Can’t really be much worse than Liz’

What your uni bag of choice says about your life in Edinburgh

This is 100% science and not stereotype based x

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How much has really changed in one year?

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Both Just Stop Oil and The Animal Rebellion have protested in Edinburgh

Inside Jeffree Star’s ranch lifestyle and glamorous physical transformation

Oh my god, he has eyebrows

10 iconic Edinburgh Uni BeReal moments we’ve all taken

Edi students, it’s time to BeReal

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Tomris says she’s now banned from the cafe’s two locations