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Eleanor Thornber
Edinburgh University


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Russian societies around the UK call on students to speak out against war in Ukraine

Edinburgh’s Russian Speaking Society has co-written a letter with seven other unis

‘The university doesn’t really care’: Edinburgh lecturer on why they’re striking

They outlined five reasons why they are taking strike action

In pictures: Students protest the University of Edinburgh’s handling of sexual assault

Survivors took their stance over an unjust system

How Edinburgh students can support those impacted by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Many Turkish and Syrian students feel ‘helpless and alone’

We asked AI to write a Tab Edi article and here’s what it came up with

Let’s not make the joke that it’s a vast improvement

Screening of ‘Adult Human Female’ at Edinburgh University cancelled due to protests

Student and staff groups have claimed the film is ‘transphobic’

‘I’ve had a death threat in my DMs’: Edi’s Russian Speaking Society speaks out on Russophobia

There have been attempts to ‘cancel’ the society altogether

I went to the new ball pit bar in Edi – here’s how it went

You could say that I had a ball at Ballie Ballerson

Neighs and slays: The best dressed at The Races 2022

Nothing goes with tweed quite like some gambling

What your autumnal drink of choice says about your Edi lifestyle

I am yet to meet a turmeric latte drinker that is not completely unhinged

‘It’s not ideal’: Meet the Edi students communally living in Pollock’s common rooms

They say that the university needs to do more to help with the accommodation crisis among its students

‘It’s not ideal’: Meet the Edi students communally living in in Pollock’s common rooms

They say that the university needs to do more to help with the accommodation crisis among its students

A definitive list of the top 10 things every Edi Uni Fresher needs

1. The ability to withstand wind, rain and strikes

The weirdest Edi Fresher’s celeb appearances

No Edi Fresher’s Week is complete without a D-List celebrity DJing at Big Cheese

Stranger Things deaths ranked on a scale from unnecessary to nobody asked for this

You’re kidding yourself if you think Barb was 100 per cent unnecessary

The University of Edinburgh has launched a scholarship for students affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

It will offer financial and welfare support to any doctoral student in war-torn regions

I fled my year abroad in Russia as war began – Now I’m in Latvia where people fear the worst

These are my experiences on both sides of the conflict

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year 2022: The FINAL Round

This is the final round of voting before we crown a winner!

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round three

Whoever wins this round will join two others in the final next week!

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year 2022: Round two

Things are really ramping up now!

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year 2022: Round One

It’s time for the most culturally significant event of the year

The Tab Edinburgh’s BNOC of the year 2022 nominations are now OPEN

Nominate the person who fulfils the challenging task of being the Biggest Name on Campus…

The University of Edinburgh is now officially selling its own bucket hat

And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke

‘We had less than 48 hours to get out safely’: Edi students on their experiences fleeing Russia

Many were left stranded as flights were cancelled

Edi year abroad students in Russia feel ‘abandoned’ by uni with rising tensions in Ukraine

Many are concerned by a lack of communication regarding a possible evacuation plan

Edinburgh University bans students from travelling to Ukraine during their year abroad

This is due to the escalation of tensions at the Ukraine-Russia border

10 things I wish I’d known before going on a year abroad

World War III might be pending but have no fear, SWAY is here

Flares? At Edinburgh? Ground-breaking: The Tab’s guide to Edi’s fashion trends

Just in time to reinvent your wardrobe for Freshers’

Flares, pantry parties, and the JMCC: The Tab’s guide to Pollock Halls

Inspired by first-hand Pollock experiences

Nicola Sturgeon promises students will be vaccinated by Welcome Week

All adults should have one dose by 18th July and a second by 12th September

15 things that prove you’ve found your Edi uni wife

Enduring a year of university in a pandemic together has definitely bonded you for life

All the things Edi students are manifesting this summer

1. No more lockdowns

The complete guide to what your fave Edinburgh sunspot says about you

Sun’s out tinnies out!

Everything you need to know about Edinburgh Uni that the prospectus didn’t tell you

No need to buy a train ticket home when the wind will just carry you there!

Edinburgh student claims she’s had ‘no hot water’ in £176 a week room

She’s asking for rent compensation from Unite Students

The top 10 things we all secretly miss about Pollock

Because we all secretly live for posh drama

These are the 10 things in an Edi student flat that just make sense

Number one being a mouse

Here’s 10 things in an Edi student’s wardrobe that just make sense

The 11th thing being a signet ring

What your taste in sport says about your taste in girls

You definitely don’t like cheerleaders for their personality, that’s for sure

What your taste in sport says about your taste in boys

Sit back and relax because I’m about to read you like a book

These are the six types of flatmate boyfriend you’ll encounter at uni

If his toothbrush is by the sink, he needs to go

These are the seven types of flatmate girlfriend you’ll encounter at uni

Unless your flat is so grim a girl would refuse to enter it

What type of Edi pandemic student are you?

Fingers crossed I’m the productive one

These are the 7 red flags to look out for on an Edi boy’s Tinder profile

Pics of their mullet is just a big no