Edi ranked one of the top unis to meet your best friend so we asked you how you met yours

Sounds like the STD clinic is the place


Best friends. They’ve seen it all. Throwing up after too many VK’s in Big Cheese, contemplating dropping out of uni together, spending hours talking about relationship struggles, and loudly announcing to each other when you’ve done a massive fart.

As corny as it sounds I really have my two best friends at Edi, and as Edi was ranked one of the top places to meet your best friend, it sounds like a lot of you have as well! The study to find out the best uni’s for meeting your BFF was commissioned by student housing brand Yugo.

So if you’re a fresher wondering how other students met their best friends, here are some ideas of how you might find your future bestie!

1. ‘We locked eyes in the common room, knew each other were gay because of the eyeliner and earrings’

Dead giveaways.

2. ‘We bonded over being the only two people in the room not doing drugs’


3. ‘Slapped her future boyfriend the first time I met her in Three Sisters’

We need the backstory here.

4. ‘She was the gf of my friend, they broke up and I ditched him for her’

Chicks before d**ks.

5. ‘We both attended the same Freshers’ event at a sports club which we assumed everyone would have pre’d for only to turn up and be the only two sh*t faced. Been besties ever since’

You two sound iconic honestly.

6. ‘We met at an STD clinic’

Hopefully not as a result of the same person.

7. ‘Met her outside a party and stayed up watching the Twilight saga in my room’

Can I be your friend please, there are only so many times a girl can watch Twilight alone.

8. ‘In Big Cheese’

Where else?

9. ‘She came up to me in the meadows, asked if she could sit with me and now we’re besties’

The ultimate meet cute.

10. ‘Dressed as a cow, crawling through the meadows whilst Lidl spaghetti hoops were thrown at us’

Alright, which society orientation was this one?

11. ‘Met my two besties at Pollock. They were Chancellors, I was Holland, it was star-crossed’

Not to brag but I have the two best flatmates ever.

12. ‘Met for a friend date and bonded over our love of pickles’

Pickles are underrated honestly.

13. ‘We met at Big Cheese thinking it was a wine and cheese night’

You’re both from Surrey right??

14. ‘She came knocking on my halls door with “leftover” cookies, which she had actually baked especially’

That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

15. ‘Through the Edinburgh Tab’

Keep your eyes peeled for our Freshers’ social announcement.

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