The Tab Edinburgh’s BNOC of the year 2022 nominations are now OPEN

Nominate the person who fulfils the challenging task of being the Biggest Name on Campus…

It’s back and more important than ever. Exams? No silly, it’s obviously The Tab Edinburgh’s BNOC of the Year competition!

The time has once again come (after a two-year hiatus, we know you’ve missed us) where we need to know your thoughts on this year’s BNOCs of Edinburgh. In light of the local elections, we’re sure you’re in the mood to submit a vote that truly matters.

It could be the guy you always see chugging 10 VKs in Atik, be the best-dressed girl in Bongo’s in her Afghan coat, flares and platform trainers, Edinburgh’s top shagger, the guy who leaves your lecture to go and vom in the toilets, the social sec for your sports team  – whoever it is, we need to know.

To those BNOCs who know they’re a BNOC, don’t worry, yes, you can vote for yourself and no one will know. Nominations are completely anonymous.

If you’ve got someone in mind who meets the challenging and rigorous requirements of being a BNOC, submit your nomination below.

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