It’s officially cherry blossom season, so here’s a round up of your prettiest pics

Edinburgh is so pretty in pink

This is arguably one of the worst times of the year in Edinburgh, as those pesky things called finals and exams make an appearance. However, there is a pink silver lining to be found as it’s also cherry blossom season.

Edinburgh is pretty all year round, but the end of April is the best.

The Meadows becomes a pink fairyland, where archways of beautiful pink petals turn your dreaded walk to the library into an aesthetic scene from a movie.

It’s also physically impossible to not stop and take snaps of the pastel pink trees, with full-on photoshoots becoming the norm on Jawbone Walk while the blossoms are out.

If you don’t take a candid pic of your bestie walking under the trees, are you really friends?

So with that in mind, here’s a selection of your best Edi cherry blossom pics:

This should be a magazine cover


Cherry blossoms + golden hour = a stunning pic


If your clothes don’t colour co-ordinate, you’re doing it wrong


The perfect ambience for a romantic stroll


I don’t know what’s prettier, her smile or the blossoms


It’s a sea of pink and it’s beautiful


Blue skies baby


White blossoms are the new pink


Only a higher being could create such beautiful flowers




Princes Street Gardens has never looked better (or pinker)


Edinburgh is actually the coolest city


Internet, help us find this couple!


Someone sign these two to a modelling agency


Can I get this on a postcard?


Stunning even on a cloudy day


The detail makes me want to cry


OMG outfit goals


Spooky and pretty at the same time?


This is what heaven must look like


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