Here are Edinburgh’s most underrated Instagram spots

It’s finally time to upgrade your feed from the basic Dean Village and Circus Lane pics

Edinburgh is one of the most photographed cities in the UK, and it doesn’t take a genius to know why. With both Old and New Town having official UNESCO World Heritage status, some days it’s actually impossible to get to class without having to push past hordes of tourists all trying to get that perfect Edinburgh selfie.

Don’t even get me started on the crowds that swarm Greyfriars Bobby. May he rest in peace.

But let’s face it, one of the main reasons you chose to come to Edinburgh was for the Instagram content. Whether you’ll openly admit it or not, the likes of Nayna Florence made the city look like an aesthetic dream (after Oxbridge of course).

After one semester in Edi, you’ll quickly have worked your way through all the Insta hotspots. From Dean Village to Circus Lane, Calton Hill to Edinburgh Castle, your feed has no doubt shown your followers that you’re living in the UK’s prettiest city. But there are still many more spots just waiting to be snapped.

So with that in mind, here are the most underrated Instagram spots in Edinburgh to take your feed to the next level:

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is not only a great place to spend a rainy day, but also to get aesthetic snaps for your Instagram.

The white and glass interior of the main hall makes a gorgeous background for showing off your OOTD, while more wacky photos can be taken by the floating animals in the natural sciences section.

Nothing screams #instagoals more than a giant floating squid.

The squid in question


With free bus travel for under-22s now in place, hop on the 41 and head to Cramond.

Not only is it a great sunny afternoon out, but you’re bound to get some cute and vibey snaps around the village, on the beach, walking the causeway, and on Cramond Island itself.

Just make sure to check the tide times before you go, otherwise it can be a wasted journey.

Exploring Cramond Island

Cramond Causeway turned catwalk

Victor Hugo Deli

Okay so grab a table outside and you can honestly trick your followers into thinking you’re in Paris (as long as they don’t go to Edi of course).

There’s nothing more aesthetic than pastries, baguettes and lattes, all displayed beautifully on one of Victor Hugo’s iconic red tables.

If you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to take a pic with the Victor Hugo cat, who’s an actual Instagram model if ever there was one.

Old Medical School

A very underrated uni building, mainly because unless you have a class here you probably won’t ever think to go inside.

However, it really is one of Edinburgh University’s most picturesque buildings, and makes the perfect Instagram backdrop.

If you’re going for the Hogwarts vibe, this one’s for you.

New College

Okay so slightly less underrated, but compared to the likes of Old College and McEwan Hall, New College is often overlooked.

I personally think New College is more aesthetic than Old College, so head into the courtyard to get some stunning dark academia pics for the gram.

Another bonus is that New College is a lot less busy than Old College, so you won’t have to deal with as much embarrassment while trying to get your angles.

And pose

Leith Shore

The closest you can get to Copenhagen in Scotland.

Bring a picnic, grab your besties, put on a cute outfit, and get some vibey snaps by the water. And after you’re done, have a stroll around the rest of Leith to get some cool street pics.

Replicating those Copenhagen pics

Extra points if you use a film camera

Edi’s plant shops

Everyone’s seen the Edi bookshop Instagram posts, but all of the city’s plant shops honestly make the coolest Insta spots.

Treat it as a double whammy and come home with a lush Instagram pic and a new plant baby for your room.

Personal favourites include Green Meadows, Forge & Foliage, Dahlia, and Rose & Amni.

Rose & Amni in Bruntsfield

Swanston Farm

I have two words for you: highland cows.

Located in the Pentlands, Swanston Farm is home to a herd of these hairy beauties. It’s free to visit and you’ll definitely come back with some great cow content for the gram (and I don’t just mean pics of your flatmate).

After all, what says ‘I go to uni in Scotland’ more than a selfie with an actual highland cow.

He deserves 1k likes

Picture perfect <3

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