Edi Best Dressed: The Meadows edition

Come for the tinnies, stay for the fashion

If going to uni in Edinburgh teaches you one thing, it’s priorities. Lectures and tutorials will always be there, but we all know that the sunny days we’ve had this week are normally few and far between. So who can blame students for fleeing the Main Library and taking full advantage?

This past week we saw The Meadows fill up with everyone from slackliners to slackers as students grabbed their spikeball nets and their favourite canned G&Ts (rhubarb fans rise up) and attempted to raise their collective vitamin D levels.

But after months of joggers and jumpers, some of us may be struggling to put down our emotional security scarves and shift our wardrobes into spring.

Never fear; we scoured The Meadows for the best spring outfit inspo Edinburgh students have to offer – outside of Nayna Florence’s Instagram, of course.

Edinburgh may be pretty grey, but the outfits are always sure to add some colour:

They were handing out flyers for their play (which is all in French, of course)

BSHE (Big Secret History Energy).

Could we finally be out of black puffer season??

Ditch the North Face for something funkier.

When you and your friends forget to coordinate on what season it is

Tag yourself, are you the jeans and jumper friend or the tee shirt and shorts friend?

The 70’s aesthetic is sure to put the ~walk~ back in Middle Meadow

Those iced lattes are definitely oat milk, right?

We may not have Greek life but the sorority squat still reigns supreme

Can’t decide between the Brandy Melville aesthetic or yummy mummy core.

This season’s hottest trend might just be Victorian-orphan chic

Petition to bring back paper boys just for this vibe.

It may be spring, but the dark academia aesthetic is year-round here

Where there’s a will, there’s a peasant skirt and suede vest from Armstrong’s.

The rare day you don’t have to worry about your shoes getting muddy

Let’s just take a second to appreciate the fact that she colour coordinated the corset top to match the moon boots.

It’s rarely bright enough for sunglasses, so props to this group for seizing the opportunity

The girl with the bright pink ones wins.

If you aren’t doing coordinated 60’s inspired outfits with your friends, are you even really friends?

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the cowboy boots.

Saturdays are for matching with the boys

Gotta love a man in uniform.

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